US Equestrian Federation Membership Magazine Built with DPS

These days, there are magazines for nearly every interest, but they aren’t always broadly available. For years, the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) published Equestrian magazine exclusively for its members. But when advertising revenues from the print version began to decline, USEF set out to modernize its magazine publishing strategy. To cater to mobile, forward-thinking, plugged-in enthusiasts, the federation created a digital version of the magazine using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition for all equine enthusiasts.

The digital version is chock full of interactive content, including slide shows, video, and even advertising that is linked to advertisers’ websites to encourage purchases. Familiar Adobe InDesign layout tools used to create the print editions have helped USEF step easily into a digital publishing workflow, while integrated analytics in Digital Publishing Suite enable monitoring of a variety of metrics.

The Federation is also taking advantage of custom slots and icons within the digital edition. Readers can click on custom designed icons to link to the USEF Network, ecommerce, and rankings. In the future, USEF is considering taking advantage of direct entitlement capabilities to enable members to sign up through the app, helping to extend the USEF brand and providing another touch point for driving membership.

Kathy Meyer, senior vice president of marketing communications for USEF says, “Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is more than just a way to quickly publish a digital edition of a magazine—which, alone, is incredible—it is also a means of making an entire cross-media publishing operation more intelligent.”

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