National Geographic Launched on the iPhone


It is exciting to see a surge in iPhone publications built with Digital Publishing Suite. With millions of iPhone viewers, publishers are seeing an opportunity to reach more readers. National Geographic has quickly adapted its print publication for the iPad, Kindle Fire HD, and now the iPhone.

National Geographic is renowned for its photography, and the images are vibrant on the high definition back-lit iPhone screen. The audio and video are crystal clear, allowing National Geographic to tell a rich multimedia story.

In the last few months we have noticed that DPS customers who launch apps on the iPhone in addition to the iPad are seeing an immediate 25% increase in downloads over the iPad volume. Our goal at Adobe is to help publishers grow their audience, and being readily available on their readers’ preferred devices is key to helping them grow.

Every time I have spoken with a publisher about creating content for the iPhone, the user interface is noted as the biggest challenge. The New Yorker, Women’s Health and Men’s Health have tackled this issue and built great user interface designs that are intuitive and easy to navigate on a small screen. National Geographic, assisted by Joe Zeff Design, created a clean Table of Contents. Each article is divided into up to four sections: Read, Look, Watch and Listen. This showcases National Geographic’s capability of creating and communicating a multimedia story for its loyal following.



  • By WallShade - 9:17 AM on November 3, 2012  

    I love Nat Geo its really happy to know now i can watch my fav pictures and videos on my iphone 5.Waiting to see an history tv app for iphone soon.