Ad of the Week: Microsoft in WIRED Magazine

By Teresa Demel

Microsoft in WIRED

Unless you have you been hibernating for the last six months, you know that Microsoft has been heavily advertising both Windows 8 and the Surface tablet. The Centre for Brand Analysis shows that Microsoft’s brand ranking of the Official Top Consumer Superbrands has leaped from 45th to 3rd place since 2012. The ads are not only compelling and fresh, but they are everywhere… including on the iPad.

This week I am featuring two ads from Microsoft. Windows 8 is featured in the January issue of WIRED. Subscribers get to interact with the Windows 8 interface, made possible by HTML animation.

When the February issue showed up in Newsstand, subscribers got a taste of the Surface. One of the more rare and fun overlays used by DPS customers is the image sequence overlay. In the February ad, WIRED’s technophile audience gets to rotate the Surface 360 degrees and see it from all sides – including how the stand works. In addition, the ad includes a snappy video, showcasing the different colors of Surface keyboards available. Both of these forms of interactivity mirror the first steps in shopping for hardware and answer some basic questions: What does it look like? How does that detachable keyboard work, anyway? Can it stand up so that I can watch movies? Will it match my shoes? (Okay, maybe not that last one.)


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  • By Android News - 8:11 AM on March 8, 2013  

    Wow this really looks amazing. Next step to another interactive world. Ok colors are a bit spooky, but this seems to be a new trend.

  • By Blitz - 6:58 AM on March 8, 2013  

    Have to agree on Fernandos comment but it looks really nice. The Windows8 Interface design fits to the iPad in my opinion. Nice animation and presentation!

  • By Fernando - 7:16 PM on March 7, 2013  

    Everything inside an iPad from Apple. Announcing a tablet inside a competitor’s tablet. Curious, isn’t it?

  • By Sharon Newth - 1:46 PM on March 7, 2013  

    Really liked how simple it appears, but it kind of reminds me of a child’s computer.