The Augusta Chronicle Delivers Masters Tournament App


If you’re a golf enthusiast, you know it’s not really spring until the legendary Masters Tournament kicks off in Augusta, Georgia.  This year, fans can stay on top of the tournament with Augusta Golf!, an app developed by the award-winning Augusta Chronicle–the south’s oldest newspaper–that has covered every tournament since 1934.

By using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, the Augusta Chronicle now extends its reach to a global audience.

To pique your interest in this timely app, we have featured the Augusta Chronicle’s coverage of the Masters Tournament in our App of the Week series. In this video, we feature two folios available in the app:

  • The historical and informative folio available today when you download the app
  • A sneak preview into the live coverage folio that will be available on Monday, and updated throughout the tournament

Avid golf fans anxiously waiting for the Masters Tournament to begin can now satisfy their hunger for golf by watching video and listening to audio interviews with Bubba Watson, last year’s champion. In his video, he describes his strategy for winning and the emotional rollercoaster of his journey.

Through slideshows, scrolling frames and nav-to buttons, readers can learn the history of the Master’s Tournament victors, scroll through issues and badges from each year, and explore the map of the golf course, where each hole is named after a plant. (The Augusta National Golf Club, incidentally, used to be a plant nursery.)