Agency Spotlight: JWT/Casa’s Digital App Strategy

By Teresa Demel

JWT/Casa found that using Digital Publishing Suite to develop apps for its clients transformed its business as an agency by improving speed to market, cost effectiveness, and business processes such as internal communications. Below is a clip of Lorenzo Vallone, SVP/CTO at Casa, discussing how DPS can be used to replace traditional app development at an agency.

At the Digital Publishing Summit in New York City, JWT/Casa shared some interesting insights into how DPS has transformed its business.

1)   Interactive storyboarding: The creative team can use the InDesign and DPS interface to quickly prototype the user experience for an app and push it dynamically through Adobe Content Viewer. For an agency, this agile workflow allows them to easily gather feedback from the client on the user experience.

  • In one example, GM approached JWT/Casa with an app request on a Thursday afternoon, and JWT/Casa was able to provide the CMO with a prototype the following Monday.
  • In another example, a pharma client requested a sales enablement tool for iPad. JWT/Casa did the design, development, and build with DPS in three weeks.

2)   Multi-device development: After using DPS to develop an app for one set of devices, it is relatively easy to change the layout for other devices and operating systems

3)   Developers create special touches: When some of our customers are evaluating DPS as an app development platform, they worry that DPS is going to put developers out of business. Instead, we find that developers are freed up from creating a basic interface, and instead can add special touches to apps, fully utilizing their coding skills.

  • In one example, JWT/Casa created the Digital Publishing Summit Event App. Designers handled the basic user interface, but developers added a special “Notes” section to the app. This allowed our audience members to take notes and email them to themselves during the presentation.

I work closely with some of our DPS agency partners, and have heard these same themes time and again: speed to market, cost savings, and a heightened focus on user experience gives clients a competitive advantage that strengthens the agency-client relationship.