App of the Week – Motor Trend

By Teresa Demel

Motor Trend

Motor Trend has been around since 1949 and understands the importance of keeping in touch with its fans. While its publisher, Source Interlink, uses Digital Publishing Suite to build the app, it also has a strong online presence with multiple touchpoints so that fans can experience up-to-date videos and editorial content.

Motor Trend’s customization of the navigation bar was my primary motivation for promoting it as this week’s app of the week. Don’t get me wrong. It has other great content that I also highlight, but the custom navigation bar is a great way to encourage readers to sit down and stay awhile in the app. The digital publication functions as a centerpiece that links out to constantly updated information available through the blog, website, and youtube channel.

Cars are complicated creatures, and the interactivity available in Digital Publishing Suite deepens the car research experience. In this video, I show how buttons and slideshows allow readers to get a close look at dashboards, steering wheel controls, lighting, etc. In addition, the video overlay introduces us to the engineers behind the cars, so we can understand the thought process involved in auto design.

I commend Motor Trend for the cross-screen user experience of this app. I enjoy the in-depth, interactive articles on the latest cars, as well as the opportunity to explore the latest stories about automobile innovations.