Condé Nast Turns Data into Profitable Decisions with DPS and Adobe SiteCatalyst

By Sonia Sawhney

Condé Nast, publisher of 18 consumer magazines, four business- to- business publications, 27 websites, and more than 50 mobile/tablet apps, defines excellence in all categories as a renowned publishing leader. At the recent DPS Summit in NYC, Chris Reynolds, Vice President of Marketing Analytics, and Sean Bumgarner, Design Director, Platforms and Devices, share how the Condé Nast team uses Digital Publishing Suite to build apps and SiteCatalyst (formerly Omniture) to capture analytics, making accurate and strategic business assessments decisions for greater competitive advantage.

To better serve readers wherever they are, Condé Nast is laser focused on the complexity of the many devices  on the market and all of their varied screen resolutions. Relying on SiteCatalyst, the Condé Nast team is unlocking essential data points that will help them evolve their editorial and design strategies to keep pace with the speed of device innovation.

The Condé Nast team collaborates with Adobe and Apple and describes the partnership as: “best-in-class partners to lead the industry in both creation of this new product and defining the measurement to understand it.” Early findings of their research reveal that digital editions usage is more like magazines than web. The sequential consumption of a digital magazine, read front to back, indicates that engagement with the brand in this format is similar to print and is accumulating with steady growth.

Check out the video below to hear more from the team. In their presentation, Chris and Sean share more about marketing analytics, including:

  • Typical behaviors in this environment, using Glamour Magazine as an example of readers who flip through issues left to right.
  • Best practices, including the example of The New Yorker using a table of contents to attract much more direct navigation.
  • Challenges and best practices for metrics.

Watch the video here – Condé Nast: Turning data into profitable decisions: