June 18, 2013 /News /

DPS: Over 100 Million Digital Issues Served

By Teresa Demel

100 Million Downloads Delivered

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite has reached a major new milestone: over 100 million cumulative folios downloaded since we first launched DPS in March 2011. The hockey stick growth curve in digital downloads confirms that mobile readership on tablets and smartphones is on the rise. According to a Pew Research Report released this month, one third of American adults own a tablet. There is no denying that this is the time for brands and publishers to reach their audiences on tablets and smartphones.

We are not just seeing a rise in magazine and newspaper readership on mobile devices, but also significant growth in corporate adoption of Digital Publishing Suite. The number of companies using DPS to accelerate their mobile marketing has increased 30% in the last six months alone. This is due to continued innovation in DPS, which allows companies to drive readership, commerce, and customer loyalty.

DPS was originally designed to support publication of magazines such as Martha Stewart and National Geographic to tablet devices.   Because of the versatility of the platform, brands are increasingly publishing event applications, customer communications, brand loyalty magazines and digital catalogs to mobile devices.

The adoption and acceptance of mobile devices and digital publishing is undeniable. The DPS team is proud to help our customers deliver beautiful and meaningful content to mobile readers and consumers.



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