Ad of the Week – Lexus in Motor Trend

By Teresa Demel


 It’s Agency Spotlight Week on the Digital Publishing Suite blog! This week, we are highlighting how advertising and creative agencies use DPS to strategically position clients in the mobile space. We will share case studies, a guest blog, and an opinion paper on digital advertising. DPS allows agencies to quickly deliver and flexibly adapt mobile content for their clients, running full speed ahead of the competition. In addition, they are building advertisements in digital publications that merge the best of print and digital, with targeted placement, cutting edge interactivity, and integration with e-commerce.

This week I am featuring a series of Lexus ads that appeared in Motor Trend’s June 2012 issue. I love these ads for several reasons. They tell a story, and that story is relevant to Motor Trend’s car enthusiasts – people who want to learn about what’s next in the auto industry. In addition, they structured the series so that each ad sequentially builds upon the last one.

At the DPS Summit in May, Conde Nast’s Sean Bumgarner and Christopher Reynolds showed that most people read a digital magazine from front to back – just as we do in print. This is relevant to an advertiser sponsoring a full issue. Each ad can pull readers through the purchasing funnel as the reading experience progresses.

In this video I show:

  • Top of funnel, part 1: An ad that introduces the Lexus GS with a video overlay. The car busts through heavy metal, gets introduced, and reveals its sleek exterior.
  • Top of funnel, part 2: The next ad is a video overlay as well, but this time provides more detail. It introduces the Lexus GS Enform App Suite, showing the digital information available on the car’s dashboard.
  • Top of funnel, part 3: The next ad has a photo gallery so that readers can flip through photos of the car, viewing it from multiple angles. Lexus used HTML so that the slideshow appeared as a scrolling frame with “snap-to” for each photo.
  • Consideration phase: Using a web overlay, readers can link out to the Lexus website to learn more about the car.

Watch the Lexus in Motor Trend App of the Week Video on Adobe TV.

Ad of the Week


  • By GPS - 6:20 PM on June 26, 2013  

    Can we please get the correct video embedded? Thanks!

    • By Adobe Digital Publishing - 11:22 AM on June 27, 2013  

      Hi GPS,

      Can you clarify? This is the video available in the Motor Trend issue. What video are you expecting?