App of the Week – Greater Portland

By: Teresa Demel

Greater Portland Inc.

Greater Portland Inc (GPI) used Digital Publishing Suite to create an app that illustrates the advantages of establishing a business in the Portland-Vancouver region. Storycode, a DPS Agency Partner, designed the app in partnership with GPI. The target audience for the app is site selectors and businesses looking to expand into the Portland-Vancouver metro area. Therefore, the app contains interactive data on local economics, interviews with C-level executives in the area, and maps and photo galleries that deepen the story.

In this week’s video, I highlight the ways that GPI and Storycode use DPS to tell their story:

  • The Storycode team developed powerful data visualizations that businesses need to know when laying down roots in a new city.  They converted stacks of excel spreadsheets into a simple set of infographics on real estate. Using DPS multistate objects and buttons, readers can tap through the images to compare the cost of rental and vacancy rate of buildings. These data visualizations make it easy to understand and remember the information.
  • Audio overlays allow readers to hear how C-level executives selected Portland as the ideal location for their business.
  • Readers can rotate the app to horizontal orientation and see photos from The Oregonian: of outdoor activities, culture, scenery, and food. The photos, laid out with the slideshow feature in DPS, change automatically.

Portland is a fabulous city. As a Seattleite, I travel there for the nice people, Stumptown Coffee, Pix Patisserie, and beautiful parks. When I downloaded this app, I learned new information about a familiar city… and fell in love a little more.

App of the Week