Notre Dame Athletics: Educate and Entertain

By: Sonia Sawhney

Notre Dame

The worlds of education and entertainment unite in Notre Dame Athletics’ tablet app. At last month’s Digital Publishing Summit in New York City, Tim O’Connor, Digital Media Communications at Notre Dame Athletics explained how their team is able to repurpose existing content already in production for the digital publication.  By consolidating the content they already had, and presenting it in a new way, they were able to leverage what was already made to reach a wide audience of readers through their digital edition.

In efforts to pursue a digital presence, the Notre Dame team was in search of a reliable, efficient and cost effective solution for their tablet strategy. Using Digital Publishing Suite, they were able to streamline the process and rapidly produce for tablets.

The first release of the app included promotional content for the university, a season recap, and an introduction into the BCS National Championship game. Using Digital Publishing Suite analytics, the Notre Dame Athletics team tracked 74,000 total app launches, 11,000 installed users, and over 1 million total content impressions. These key metrics enable the team to share concrete data with partners, and continue to expand as a thriving business.

Watch the highlights or full video to learn more from Notre Dame Athletics to hear about Notre Dame’s strategy and see the app in action.

Here’s a quick recap from Tim O’Connor:
Notre Dame Athletics: Educate and Entertain