The advent of the interactive ad

By Sonia Sawhney

At the Adobe Digital Publishing Summit, we invited brands succeeding in digital advertising to share their best practices. WIRED, Levi’s Made & Crafted, BULLETT, and Adobe gathered to discuss the value of advertising in digital publications. Levi’s uses Digital Publishing Suite to advertise in Bullet magazine on iPad to target a young, hip audience. Advertisers in Wired are reaching a technologically-savvy set of readers. Below you can find the links to view the video clips.

Levi’s Made and Crafted in BULLETT Magazine
Levi’s Made and Crafted is a forward thinking brand within the Levi’s portfolio that aspires to capture a creative, progressive, and premium audience. Attracted to the readership and content in BULLETT magazine, Levi’s Made and Crafted chose to advertise in the digital publication to target their customers. Integrating their ad in the magazine allowed them to tell a broader story, a key priority for the Levi’s group.

The Levi’s Made and Crafted team identified two primary initiatives for their new, premium brand: “Tell the story and drive sales.” They used existing creative pieces and assets to create content that used interactivity to tell the story and were able to drive sales using clickable photo galleries.

“It’s all about advertisers,” emphasizes the team from BULLETT Magazine. They recognize advertisements as opportunities for self-monetizing digital assets. Jack Becht, Creative Strategist at BULLETT, stresses the concept of harmonization and value of readers being able to share interactive advertisements.

Howard Mittman, Vice President and Publisher from WIRED shares that layered storytelling within the tablet is a key piece to their strategy. Recognizing that banner blindness is almost impossible on this medium, advertisers have endless opportunities to engage audiences. Emphasizing interactive advertisements and endless possibilities, WIRED is not shy to try new, and even crowd sourced content. With 1 million wired containers on iPad, distribution, execution, and opportunity are key.

The advertising panel discussed interactive advertisements, platform advantages, ad production, readership and circulation, and more. Check out the links below to learn more.