The New Republic Provides POV on the Future of Media

This bi-weekly magazine delivers lively, intellectually stimulating writing on politics, culture and big ideas. Their long form journalism is designed to help readers better understand their world and shape society. Founder Chris Hughes has been a prolific figure in providing a fresh point of view on the evolution they’re seeing in publishing, including broader business models that capitalize on consumers’ reading habits  – especially as phones and tablets continue to proliferate. Adobe was fortunate to have Sloan Eddleston, Chief Operating Officer of The New Republic, present at the Adobe Digital Publishing Summit in May.

In the video clip below from DPS Summit, Sloan discusses the future of media and the battles of print vs. web. Consumer research supported that users are drawn to the hands-on experience of print and often lacked the desire to even check out a website to the magazine to which they were subscribing. In particular, for long form content like New Republic, users want an immersive, relaxing, lean-back experience. This luxurious, all-consuming experience varies drastically from the web experience. Sloan shares how the tablet allows you to replicate the immersive print experience- from the comfort of your own bed or couch. As a final takeaway, Sloan shares that the New Republic is confident about their tablet app strategy and projects future growth in the industry.

Watch a preview of Sloan’s presentation or watch the entire video.

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