Ad of the Week – Blind Barber in Bullett

By Teresa Demel

So far, my Ad of the Week videos have covered some bigger brand names: Lexus, REI, Microsoft Surface… But this week I’m sharing an ad from a brand you may never have heard of: Blind Barber. Blind Barber has two shops: one in New York City and one in Los Angeles. By featuring itself in the same issue of Bullett as Levi’s Made & Crafted and Coco Chanel, it is positioning its brand next to some big players.

I love this ad because it is highly creative. So creative that I, a woman who has never even noticed facial hair, ended up playing with this ad and figuring out my look if I were a gentleman headed to a tonsorial parlor. (Women’s magazines, take note! Imagine the possibilities for women’s hair and makeup.)

This ad uses DPS for the following:

  • Buttons and a multistate object/slideshow allow readers to tap on different mustaches and hairstyles to change the look of a generic looking face.
  • Using the scratch off feature (built with HTML), readers can whittle an enormous beard down to chops, a goatee, etc.

Watch the Blind Barber Ad of the Week video on Adobe TV.

Download Bullett Magazine from the iTunes Store