Danny Winokur: Digital publishing turns a new page

By Sonia Sawhney

2013 is the year that brands and companies are accelerating their mobile strategies! Join Danny Winokur, VP and General Manager for Digital Media at Adobe, to learn how to accelerate mobile marketing, including insight into critical mobile marketing trends, the momentum of Digital Publishing Suite, and how to take advantage of the rapidly changing mobile landscape.

In the video clip below, explore mobile’s role in the marketing mix. Moving beyond broadened awareness with a mobile site, a mobile app further drives brand engagement and product purchase by adding utility. Often, websites serve as a front door to information, value propositions, and mobile apps. Once downloaded, these apps can enhance purchase, retention and loyalty with deep engagement.

In the longer video clip from Digital Publishing Summit, Danny Winokur shares more about mobile marketing trends, where the industry is heading, and how Digital Publishing Suite can play a major role in this. Additionally, you will learn more about:

  • Growth of Digital Publishing Suite apps delivered – (Learn more in our recent blog: Over 100 Million Digital Issues Served)
  • Metrics on paid content, media, and increasing digital subscriptions
  • Tactics to increase readership and convert to paying customers
  • Content consumption and methods to retain readers

Listen Danny Winokur share more about accelerating mobile marketing in this presentation snippet, or the full-length video from Digital Publishing Summit.



  • By Anthony Mitchel - 5:05 AM on July 3, 2013  

    First, enjoyed the presentation.
    Caught me at the right time. I was in the process of understanding PDF protected passwords for my books.
    I am an author, and with the presentation I see a great opportunity to go it alone, when I understand DPS, rather than put myself in the hands of others with their promises and projections.
    As mentioned I am an author, 9 titles.
    As I see it the way the internet and download applications are coming of age I see every opportunity to capitalize on my own, and with what I listened to by Danny I seemed very promising.
    What do you think? Is DPS for me. Would it serve my purpose and I could I take advantage with it in the promising way Danny expresses.

    Anthony Mitchel