App of the Week – GE Inspired

By Teresa Demel

GE Inspired

GE Inspired Magazine, published six times a year by GE Appliances on the iPad, showcases features and benefits of GE Appliances’ new product innovations. This publication is a must-have for appliance aficionadoes. Download the app to learn more about GE’s appliance technologies, latest product innovations, and promotions.

In this video, I show how GE uses DPS to educate its sales team and fans about the latest innovations:

  • Video overlays show the new features in action
  • Buttons and slideshows allow readers to thumb through show rooms and see the appliances in futuristic living areas. In addition, they allow readers to tap on product elements and learn more about the features

App of the Week


  • By Anita Lima - 7:45 AM on October 22, 2013  

    This app is effective in its simplicity……….!

    However, an app I really like is: John Lewis Edition, Magazine 2013. I think its a classic! It’s well formatted with subtle interactivity; exquisite photography and it also has in-app purchasing. Compulsive viewing – in my opinion – yes!

  • By Russell - 1:48 PM on October 21, 2013  

    simple yet effective – I like it – and very interactive with great videos