App of the Week – O, the Oprah Magazine

By Teresa Demel

Oprah is everywhere. From her talk show to her magazine to her book club, her warm and thoughtful character can so easily permeate many parts of our lives. In this app of the week video, I show how Oprah Magazine on the iPad uses features in Digital Publishing Suite to pull in her personality and uphold the Oprah brand that we know and love.

Oprah Magazine uses DPS in the following ways:

  • Video overlays of Oprah pull the talk show host’s personality into the story of her farm on Maui.
  • Nav-to buttons and web overlays allow readers to peruse Oprah’s “book shelf” and read samples of her recommendations.
  • Buttons and multistate objects allow readers to take a quiz on women’s heart health.

App of the Week


  • By Christine - 9:10 AM on October 8, 2013  

    I find it discouraging that Adobe has done so little to promote the Digital Publishing Suite and exactly what it is. As an owner of an Adobe Authorized Training Center, we have been writing articles and working very hard to try and distinguish the difference between Digital Publishing Suite and other technologies such as ePUB.

    It is such a great product, there just really needs to be more clarity and guidance given to the product please!