Watch Top Gear video to learn how engagement and revenue skyrocketed with DPS

Back in November, we shared a case study that highlighted the success BBC Top Gear, the world’s leading automotive magazine, experienced by switching from a PDF replica format to the fully interactive experience that DPS delivers.

Now, Simon Carrington, publisher of Top Gear, explains how this transition has had game-changing impact on key metrics. Since moving to DPS, subscriptions are up 175%, downloads up 200%, ad revenue up 130%, and total revenue increased by well over 150%. Plus, get a glimpse of some of the adrenaline pumping-video footage included in their app- and learn why it’s the number one reason their readers keep coming back for more.

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Watch the video on Adobe TV:  Top Gear Moves from PDF to Interactive Edition and Sees Engagement Skyrocket

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  • By Paula Hunt - 6:55 AM on February 14, 2014  

    Check this out, Paula. Look how his ad revenue and subscription numbers took off once he switched to DPS.