March to MAX – Move It or Lose It: Interactivity Techniques, Tips and Tricks for Adobe DPS

Adobe MAX 2015 is coming! Don’t miss our annual event that connects the world’s most creative minds. Here’s a deeper look at another spectacular digital publishing session definitely worth your time.

Featured Session Four: “Move It or Lose It: Interactivity Techniques, Tips and Tricks for Adobe DPS”

As the mobile market continues to grow in 2015, more and more brands are creating apps. But what good is an app if it doesn’t build brand loyalty and keep readers coming back? With Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS), design and creative teams can include compelling interactivity in their apps to engage users, without writing code. We asked Adobe digital publishing evangelist and MAX 2015 speaker Colin Fleming about the importance of mobile app interactivity what to expect from his session.

Adobe: What are you particularly excited about in this session?

Fleming: I deeply believe that interactivity, being able to tap/swipe/pinch is critical to content on devices. InDesign is my favorite tool for making interactivity in the workflow. It’s so easy for designers to pickup the skills to make swiping slideshows, pop-ups, and add movies to an InDesign document that feeds into a DPS app. I’ll be showing various approaches to interactivity, from basic uses to more complex designs based on the basics. It’s all about expanding how you use a tool or technique.

Adobe: Why is it essential to apply the things your session will cover?

Fleming: I think there are types of content, or specific pieces of content, that truly benefit from interactivity. The type of interactivity or experience is what I’ll focus on. Flipping through a slide show of images is better than scrolling through a long page of images. Scrubbing through an image sequence is much more responsive and meaningful than a static image or trying to control a paused video. I’ll talk all about making content more engaging for readers.

Adobe: What are you most excited about with the new version of the solution?

Fleming: DPS has been at the forefront of my attention for most of the last five years. I was an early adopter shortly after the iPad was released and it’s been a great ride ever since. DPS 2015 really offers some amazing opportunities in both designing experiences in an app and increasing the frequency of communication with your readership. While those are details about content, I also have to step back and say that some of the “big” features are really amazing too—like how easy it is to make apps and control who has access to work on a project. DPS 2015 is a rather amazing game changer.

Adobe: How have you seen mobile’s impact in recent years?

Fleming: Screens, screens, everywhere. The initial release of DPS was very much about a new interpretation of paper-based communication. The translation of dead-tree magazines to digital lead the way to tablets. In the last couple years, the shift in engagement is to the handheld device, the phone that’s always in your pocket or within reach. The content has to be re-interpreted to both function and excel on this smaller device. New support for adaptive HTML in DPS 2015 is going to be a huge factor.

Adobe: What is your past experience with Adobe MAX like?

Fleming: I’ve been an instructor, as well as a TA, and delivered sessions at every North American MAX since 2007. I’ve done pre-conference sessions that spanned 1-3 days of content, lead hands-on labs, and done sessions on topics ranging from InDesign and workflows, to ePUB, and now focus on DPS.

Adobe: Can you give us a preview of what you’ll be sharing during your session?

Fleming: Ohhh, scrollable frames are incredibly flexible… More on that in October. See you at MAX!

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