Adobe Digital Publishing Solution and the Power of Automation


By David Schmidt, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager

Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015) allows organizations to easily create beautiful mobile apps to distribute content to both internal and external users. These apps can be created by your marketing or creative teams. But to unlock the full enterprise value of DPS, you can integrate with other systems and create powerful automated content workflows.

Leveraging automated workflows allows DPS to connect with content management systems and other enterprise systems to enable mobile apps which are intimately and dynamically tied to your organization’s key data – from product SKUs to all sorts of digital content.

DPS customers directly, or with the help of integration partners, can use the DPS Content Producer Service APIs to manage content (articles, collections, etc) in their DPS apps. In fact, these are the same APIs that are used by the DPS Portal itself. These APIs have already enabled available integrations with content management systems, editorial workflow solutions and HTML authoring tools, including: Adobe Experience ManagerWordPressDrupalWoodWing Inception and Woodwing EnterpriseStoriedvjoon K4, and Specle.


We’re using these automation capabilities at Adobe to enable our field representatives to easily demo Digital Publishing Solution. The DPS Technical Marketing Team created a “Project Provisioner” tool which uses these public APIs to quickly create a new demo project in an Adobe rep’s DPS account. Watch this short video which shows how the automated tool fills an empty DPS project with demo articles, collections, cards and layouts, and then builds fully functional demo apps for iOS, Android, and Windows… all with one click!



In the video, you saw how the the APIs were used by our team’s web tool to copy content of an existing DPS project and app, and rebuild that whole structure in a different DPS account. These APIs give you full control to manage the content and user interface of your DPS apps.

Any automated content workflow you can imagine is possible with these DPS APIs. You could, for example:

  • Ingest a massive number of product SKUs from a product information management or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, and publish these out in a visually compelling way in your DPS app. Navigation and user experience can be defined using beautiful browse pages designed by your creative staff.
  • Automatically publish content from your content management system (CMS) into your DPS app.
  • Push machine-generated browse pages to your DPS app in real-time, based on the nature and amount of content currently being published.
  • Develop custom integrations that combine live data from your ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) systems with content from your CMS system, and automatically push this hybrid content to your DPS app.

Whether you are developing an employee communications app, a training app, a sales app, a content marketing app, or a product catalog app, you can leverage these powerful DPS enterprise integrations to deploy highly automated content to modern and beautiful apps on all devices and platforms

If you are working on an integration and require help, please contact our team directly.