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Announcing Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

Our favorite apps combine rich content with the user experience, convenience, and access to device capabilities that only mobile can offer. But for all the promise and potential of mobile apps, building and maintaining them is an intensely difficult, time-consuming, and resource intensive task.

Today, the solution landscape for producing and maintaining apps is extremely fragmented. There are UI and UX design tools for prototyping. There are developer tools for coding. There are management systems for storing content and assets. There are point solutions for marketing tasks like analytics, targeting, notifications, diagnostics, and messaging. Enterprises that want to create a great app experience and maintain and improve that experience over time are left to stitch all of these solutions together. Involving so many different departments makes it difficult to realize efficient workflows between design, development, marketing and analytics. It’s really hard. And, it’s why most enterprises struggle to create and attract users to apps that are core to their businesses.

More than ten years ago, content management systems were developed to make building and managing websites easier. They moved web development from a bag of disjointed technologies managed by people called webmasters to a highly scalable platform that emphasized user experience over implementation. Look at any website screenshot from a couple of years ago, compare it to the experience today and you’ll see how websites have evolved as a result of these technologies. See the evolution here.

We think that a similar moment is upon us with mobile apps and today I’m really excited to announce a new product, Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, that will allow enterprises to drastically reduce their time to market while making it easier to attract and engage audiences with compelling, actionable content.

Here’s some more detail on what it offers:

Leverage Content for Mobile

For what seems like forever, brands and enterprises have struggled to efficiently leverage their assets for multiple downstream digital channels. Adobe Experience Manager Mobile treats apps as a first class citizen in the multi-channel content experience, allowing marketing managers and creatives to populate apps with existing content through template-based authoring.   For companies who want to deliver content from other sources to their apps — whether from other CMS systems, product databases, ERP or CRM systems or any other content source — we offer flexible and open APIs.

Build and Extend Apps

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile allows brands to rapidly create apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Using intuitive design tools and frameworks, designers and marketers can quickly create beautiful screens and nuanced navigational structures, all backed by native working code. This results in rapid time to market to beat today’s inefficient workflows by 50-70%.

No rapid prototyping tool, however, is going to give an enterprise everything they need to produce a mission critical app. Adobe Experience Manager Mobile makes it possible to extend native apps with real-world functionality via Apache Cordova. This means enterprises can devote development resources to extend applications to access device sensors, local storage and all the other mobile components that make apps sing. We will be delivering the first build that provides this extensibility layer at Adobe Summit.

Centrally Manage Apps

Enterprises that struggled to manage websites years ago face a similar problem with apps today. Because there wasn’t software for managing web content from a single source, departments, divisions and global offices went off and built their own decentralized websites. Same with apps today. With Adobe Experience Manger Mobile, we offer a unified dashboard to not only manage apps created with the product, but to manage existing native or hybrid apps as well.

Engage, Measure and Optimize

Today, in order to integrate critical marketing services into mobile apps, you need to integrate with point solutions and maintain those solutions APIs and SDKs over time in your app. Contracting with multiple solution providers (analytics, targeting and notifications for example) only adds to the complexity, time and cost.

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile comes with critical marketing services from Adobe Marketing Cloud so you don’t have to worry about integration points and ongoing maintenance let alone contracts from multiple vendors. As an example, customers can get up and running with Adobe Analytics within minutes of logging into their accounts for the first time, and we will integrate more Marketing Cloud services in the coming months.

Watch this video to learn more about how Experience Manager Mobile works:

Putting it all together:

So, what kinds of apps can you create with this new product? The answer is any app that mixes compelling content with app functionality. To get more details on how Adobe Experience Manager Mobile can apply to specific needs of industry verticals see our solutions briefs for financial services, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, media & entertainment, consumer services, and travel & hospitality.

Experience Manager Mobile is ideal for line of business owners and marketers who are trying to solve specific problems like distributing critical information to sales teams, providing employees with instant access to training materials, giving customers up-to-the-minute quotes and order statuses, delivering meaningful brand experiences to consumers and more.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of apps you can create with Experience Manager Mobile:

Customers migrating from DPS will find familiar out-of-the-box development workflows and a whole lot more: asset management, content creation, and app extensibility using Cordova plugins. To answer other questions and for details on what happens to DPS, please see our blog and FAQ to learn more.

We believe Adobe Experience Manager Mobile will revolutionize the way enterprises build and manage mobile applications, and we’re excited to show you more. Whether you’re an existing DPS customer or exploring Experience Manager Mobile for the first time, be sure to check out these events to get an even deeper look at the product.


Get detailed product information and a demo of the workflow—view the webinar on demand here.

If you’re an existing DPS customer, watch a complete overview of the added capabilities available when you upgrade to Experience Manager Mobile—view the webinar on demand here.


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  • By sri - 10:33 AM on March 2, 2016  

    How AEM Mobile is different from the AEM Apps in AEM 6.1 which based PhoneGap and AngularJS for hybrid app development ?

    Is is AEM Apps getting re-branded as AEM Mobile ?

  • By Geir Henriksen - 2:37 AM on March 2, 2016  

    What will be the best way for us to develop apps for several clients? We have invested both time and a lot of energy to learn Adobe DPS from within Adobe InDesign.

  • By Mischa - 7:00 AM on February 29, 2016  

    Would be great to work with, but Adobe only sells licences to end customers (not design agencies for instance) and the minimum price of 100k will leave some companies looking for other solutions.

  • By ShieldMyPet.com - 9:22 AM on February 25, 2016  

    Wow, this looks pretty cool. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • By Grant - 8:15 AM on February 25, 2016  

    Is this a new name for phone gap with new marketing?

  • By Siegfried Bolz - 6:35 AM on February 22, 2016  

    As an AEM Architect and passionate PhoneGap Developer, I am highly interested in this product. Is it possible to get access to a beta version?

    • By Nick Bogaty - 9:06 AM on February 22, 2016  

      There will be a trial available later today. The first release to extend AEM Mobile apps with Cordova will be available at Adobe Summit in late March. http://summit.adobe.com/na/

    • By Nick Bogaty - 5:07 PM on February 25, 2016  

      Sorry for the late reply. Trial is here:


  • By Emmanuel - 6:19 AM on February 22, 2016  

    We will like to develop an app for magazines and i don’t know how you can be of help? Kindly get back to me ASAP.

    • By Debbie Bates - 8:03 AM on February 22, 2016  

      We can help. We have done many magazines using Adobe DPS and are already developing a solution, fully responsive for a customer.