Medtronic Adopts Adobe Experience Manager and Delivers Powerful App to Global Sales Force

With 85,000 employees in 160 countries, Medtronic is among the world’s largest medical technology, services and solutions companies. This massive reach allows Medtronic to potentially touch millions of patients every year with its life-saving innovations.

Medtronic is constantly developing new solutions to help hospitals and healthcare providers deliver the best care possible. As a result, marketers and designers have created thousands of assets that are used in websites, brochures, apps, and more. Thomas Swanson, Senior Marketing Technologist & Program Manager at Medtronic, recognized that the company needed to simplify its content management system to reduce errors. Medtronic chose Adobe Experience Manager to consolidate dozens of content platforms. Then, in just five months, Medtronic worked with Adobe and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (now part of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile) to create a sales enablement app to help thousands of sales teams get sales tools when they need them.

Adobe: How much content were you managing at Medtronic?

Swanson: Not only is Medtronic a huge, global organization, but we have more than 100 websites and 40 apps. We had 3,500 assets for our sales enablement app alone. What we didn’t have was a central asset management solution. We had about a dozen separate solutions managing content. One solution stored just the content for sales enablement apps, while our EU units managed their content in separate solution from the U.S. unit. Each solution would contain the same product images and other content, so if our designers came out with a new version, every solution needed to be updated separately. The system was working, but there was a lot of opportunity for error.

Adobe: How does being in the medical industry affect your content?

Swanson: In many industries, it’s not a huge deal if your brochure is slightly out of date. In the medical industry, it can literally be a matter of life and death. That’s why we’re monitored closely by government entities like the FDA, and we hold ourselves to industry standards that are even higher. It’s essential that we get the right information to the right people at the right time. It was time to tackle our chaotic web of content management solutions before something went wrong.

Adobe: Why work with Adobe Experience Manager?

Swanson: We needed a solution that could deal with a large volume of assets and deliver them to multiple channels anywhere in the world. Our creative team was already working with Adobe Creative Cloud, so we took a look at other integrated Adobe solutions. Adobe Experience Manager fit all of our needs.

With Experience Manager, we can manage content centrally instead of having many redundant systems. Our product catalogs and e-commerce systems around the world pull all of the product information and imagery from the same source, which also feeds content to our third-party training systems and resellers. We’re improving compliance by reducing the risk of someone using out-of-date content.

Adobe: Why did you decide to make a sales enablement app?

Swanson: We wanted to give our sales force the tools that they needed to spend more time with customers, build relationships, and increase sales. But the challenges of the medical industry are too complicated and unique to easily explain in off-the-shelf products. We developed our own sales enablement app in house a few years ago. It was designed for our 200 sellers in the U.S., but towards the end, it was being used by more than 8,000 sellers worldwide.

Adobe: Why work with Adobe to create a new app?

Swanson: Our sales teams loved the app, which is great, but it was being used well beyond its original scope. Also, we’re a medical device company, not a software development company. We were investing a lot of time and money in something that wasn’t part of our core mission. Since we were already consolidating our content management systems, we took the opportunity to create a new app that was easier to manage and designed around the needs of our global sales force.

We handed the project over to the experts at Adobe Experience Consulting. Using the Adobe mobile app solution, they created our app in just five months.

Adobe: How is the new app helping sale and marketing?

Swanson: Using the new sales enablement app, sales representatives around the world can view, download, and organize sales tools from our marketing library. All assets in the library are created by marketing and approved by legal, so sales reps know that they’re always working with something that’s on brand and free to show customers. They can even share links with customers, which lead to the most recent version of content. So, even when we’re not there, we know that customers are seeing the most up-to-date information.

Best of all, the Adobe mobile app solution is incredibly easy to use. This means that marketers and designers can create and upload assets at any time without needing help from an app developer. Analytics allow us to view what tools sellers are using. By getting sales the right information at the right time, we’re closing more deals and bigger deals to get patients around the world the life-saving treatments they need.

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