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Moving from DPS 2015 to Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile offers enterprises a new, compelling way to create, manage and measure mobile apps – and ultimately help move their business forward. That’s great news for companies, especially because 77% of enterprises in 2015 say they’ll be investing more in mobile over the next 12-18 months, according to analyst firm IDC.[1]

We’ve combined functionality from Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015) and Adobe Experience Manager Apps into the new Adobe Experience Manager Mobile—and added new, expanded functionality to Experience Manager Mobile in order to deliver app experiences for the enterprise. Among other things, it will allow you to:

  • Move your business forward by equipping employees with apps connected to critical systems like customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and product information management (PIM) systems
  • Centralize apps from across the enterprise and manage the mobile app lifecycle from a singular, unified dashboard
  • And integrate device-level features to make mobile apps compelling tools for your customers and employees using Apache Cordova, such as camera, contacts, files, and location services

The DPS services you’ve come to use will be carried forward as the on-demand services in Adobe Experience Manager Mobile. As an existing DPS customer, your apps and your content will remain unaffected and you will have access to the on-demand services of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, which are a subset of the entire Experience Manager Mobile solution.

You’ll also notice something different when you sign into the product. We have rebranded the services that were previously DPS to Adobe Experience Manager Mobile On-Demand Services — so when you log in, you’ll now see this new branding.

When you upgrade from Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015) to the new Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, you won’t have to convert any of your content – it will transfer over automatically. If you’re upgrading from Digital Publishing Suite, you’ll need to migrate your content to the new system.

We’re excited about the expanded possibilities Experience Manager Mobile offers. Find out more about the new solution using the links below:

[1] “The State of Mobile Enterprise Software in 2015: An IDC Survey of Applications, Platforms, Decisions, and Deployments ” IDC, August 2015, p. 36

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  • By Klaasjan Tukker - 8:58 AM on February 23, 2016  

    Hi Brian, Thanks for your response. Former functionality of Adobe Digital Publishing Solution still exists within Adobe Experience Manager Mobile. The mobile industry is rapidly evolving and the demand for application creation has increased significantly. We want to provide a very strong solution to our customers to achieve their goals. This means as well, that the software landscape is rapidly evolving.


  • By Brian Donahue - 9:17 PM on February 22, 2016  

    Moving the goalposts again? What a nightmare for my publisher clients. So hard to keep up. After supporting Adobe for over 25 years, going to Adobe Max, and even buying stock in the company because I loved the software so much, I guess it’s time to look for another partner to refer my clients to. Very sad.