New Mobile Report: Up, Up, and Away

Mobile apps are becoming core to almost everything we do by making us more efficient and better connected to the world around us. Those benefits are now making a big impact on business by improving worker efficiency, engaging customers, and building brand loyalty.

Over the last few months, we’ve profiled companies with successful mobile apps and collected the best practices they’re using to engage their customers and employees. In the new report, ‘Up Up and Away’, we describe how successful companies have made internal and external mobile apps part of their digital strategy. These successes were achieved by overcoming challenges. Challenges that included how to track, manage and update mobile apps; understanding how to integrate mobile into everything you do; or how you can add real value to both your customers and employees. By tackling these challenges head-on, this report will give you actionable steps to improve your mobile offering.

True success, however, only comes when results are delivered. Also in this report, you’ll find 10 different examples of real companies achieving real results. Companies like REI, Vivint, and DuPont have all taken significant strides within their mobile strategy and their efforts have begun to bear fruit. The results include creating competitive advantage, saving on development and management costs, and driving revenue.

The “Up, Up, and Away” report includes:

  • Six challenges to defining your app strategy and how to overcome them
  • How to speed up mobile app development
  • Examples of mobile apps in action 

Learn more about how mobile can accelerate your business and download the full report now

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    Thank you for the report! Useful!