Case Studies

Giving Creativity Back to the Creatives

Creative agencies like New York-based Segal Savad are using DPS to publish engaging content for clients like never before.

Jul 29, 2015 /Case Studies /

DPS 2015 Gives Publishers A Second Chance at a First Impression

Hear how Adobe’s Digital Publishing Solution is helping revolutionize the magazine industry in the transformation from print to digital.

Delivering Offline Content on Mobile is a Game Changer

The availability of content offline and the value it provides has become a top priority for organizations.

Deploy effective employee communications apps quickly and easily with Adobe DPS

Mobile apps are quickly becoming the communication platform of choice for many companies.

Building more effective employee communications with mobile

Communicating with employees is a critical part of building important employee engagement. Adobe DPS has helped companies engage employees with dynamic content.

Brand Engagement Apps: Build Audience, Create Loyalty and Deliver Results

How do we maximize the brand engagement opportunity that mobile offers?