Mar 30, 2017 /How-To /

Working with Custom Authentication and Identity Providers in AEM Mobile

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Jan 23, 2017 /How-To /

Bring those Browse Pages to Life!

With recent updates to the AEM Mobile platform, browse pages received a major power-up in the form of Dynamic Banners. With the Dynamic Banners feature, you can continue to use browse pages to display articles and collections in your navigation screens with the added capability of carving out space for HTML-based interactive content. Learn about how to create a Dynamic Banner as well as some potential use cases.

Dec 2, 2016 /How-To /

How creative agencies deliver immediate success and ongoing ROI to mobile app strategies

Great apps go far beyond what responsive websites can deliver because they can provide engaging, personalized and relevant experiences to audiences wherever they are. To do this well requires a seamless integration of smart design and flawless back-end functionality.

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Starts with Design

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Tapping the power of integrated analytics within your AEM Mobile apps

In an increasingly competitive app market, line of business owners rely on analytics to understand user engagement, marketing campaign effectiveness, and ROI through the entire app lifecycle.

New White Papers: Choose the deployment path that works for you

Enterprise mobile apps have become critical to companies in every industry, for use cases spanning sales enablement, training, internal communications, brand engagement and more. But mobile app development can be complicated and expensive. Adobe Experience Manager Mobile helps you meet this challenge via a comprehensive solution featuring remarkable deployment flexibility, enabling you to use a variety of content sources.