Introducing the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution Beta

Today we’re thrilled to announce that our completely re-imagined Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS) will be available through our public beta program this week, giving you full access to the product until it is available for purchase later this summer. We have been working on this completely new, built from the ground up, DPS for about a year and it represents a sea change for companies that want to create amazing, content-rich apps that audiences love to use.

Because Adobe strives to give companies everything they need to gain competitive advantage through the power of design, we are also making DPS a core component of Creative Cloud for Enterprise (CCE). CCE offers all of the creative tooling and workflows that allow companies to leverage design as a quantifiable advantage over their competitors. The new version of DPS, with all that CCE provides, gives businesses an opportunity to deliver that design advantage to mobile apps. Everyone from Angie’s List, to REI, to Exxon Mobil and so many others already know just how much business impact stunning mobile apps can have.

So, what’s in this new version of DPS and why is it so great?

Engaging App Experiences

Apps created with the new DPS are like nothing you’ve ever seen before—with high-impact, interactive content delivered to audiences in a uniquely intuitive way. Content is now grouped together in what we call collections and these collections are delivered to mobile devices seamlessly. Audiences get instant access to the content they want and designers get complete control of how that content is displayed. Incredibly flexible layouts give designers the ability to customize apps without coding. Designers can build beautiful mobile app experiences, thrill brand managers and meet business goals. It’s a win for everyone. Plus apps created with DPS run on phones and tablets using all major mobile operating systems–iOS, Android and Windows. We’ve also included all of the app services you need to communicate with audiences including push notifications, in-app messaging, content discovery and social network integration. So, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Flexible Publishing

With the new version of DPS, we have greatly expanded the variety of tools that you can use to create content distributed to your apps. We continue to support InDesign and InDesign based workflows. In addition, we’ve added broad support for HTML from Adobe Experience Manager and other CMS systems as well as HTML design tools from Adobe and from third-parties.

Measuring & Delivering ROI

We’ve added a host of new capabilities by integrating marketing solutions from Adobe Marketing Cloud. We offer built-in analytics for online and offline data, retention analysis, funnel conversion and other important measures of ROI so you can see how DPS apps are delivering business results. In addition, we offer support for a variety of payment options for customers who are selling content including single purchases, subscriptions and all-access models.

Built for Business

To allow complex organizations to manage DPS apps, we’ve built a totally new accounts control system. You can assign permissions to all of the people who are contributing to the success of your app including your employees and outside agencies. Speaking of agencies, we are recruiting best of breed creative agencies to work with our customers to deliver amazing experiences using DPS.

Visit the DPS website to learn more about the new capabilities.

A quick note on the DPS brand name. The new product had been previously promoted as Adobe Publish. We decided to stick with DPS for a couple of reasons. First, we’ve built strong brand recognition with DPS that designers and marketers knew very well. Second, we wanted to underscore that our existing DPS customers will get access to this new product under the terms of their existing DPS licenses.

There’s a ton of power in our new product to allow marketers and designers to create beautiful content-rich mobile apps. To make sure you are successful in our beta program, we’ve put together some great materials to help you get started: a QuickStart Guide and sample assets so you can get going creating an app in no time, a full user guide, a series of videos describing key components of the product, and finally access to support forums that we will actively monitor as well as weekly webinars for beta customers.

We’re really excited to deliver this product to you and even more excited to see what you do with it. If you’ve created an app that you’re really proud of, the product team and I would love to see what you’ve come up with. Send me screen shots of the app at nbogaty at

The beta will be available later this week and if you’d like to be notified as soon as it’s live, go here to sign up.

Thanks a lot and more to come,
Nick Bogaty

Head of Digital Publishing, Adobe