Reader Mobile SDK Licensees

The following companies have licensed Adobe Reader Mobile SDK to ship on their devices or applications. For a list of devices and mobile phone applications compatible with Adobe’s open, cross-platform solution for eBooks and other digital publications, refer to the Supported eBook devices site.


Since its founding in 1976, Acer has pursued the goal of breaking the barriers between people and technology. Globally, Acer ranks top 3 for total PCs and No. 2 for notebooks, with the fastest growth among the top-five players. A profitable and sustainable Channel Business Model is instrumental to Acer’s continued growth, while the successful acquisitions of Gateway and Packard Bell complete the company’s global footprint by strengthening its presence in the U.S. and enhancing its strong position in Europe. The Acer Group employs more than 6,000 people worldwide. See for more information.

Aluratek Inc.

Aluratek designs develops and manufacturers an exciting lineup of digital CE devices. The latest addition to the Aluratek lineup includes the Libre eBook Reader Pro which has earned its stripes in the explosive e-reader category as a very strong entry level opening price point solution. Aluratek will continue to deliver high quality consumer electronics and make them affordable to the consumer. Visit to view some of the other exciting digital devices Aluratek has to offer.

Augen Electronics Corp.

Augen Electronics Corp, headquartered in Hollywood, FL is a rapidly expanding, Consumer Electronics company committed to bringing the latest in high-tech, digital technology to the mainstream consumer market. Building on success since 2004, Augen has been providing exceptional customer value through high quality, stylish design and added features coupled with best-in-class manufacturing. For more information about our latest products, visit

Barnes & Noble, Inc.

Barnes & Noble, Inc., a Fortune 500 company, is the world’s largest bookseller and the nation’s highest rated bookselling brand. The company’s operations comprise of retail bookselling, college bookstore management, online retailing and book publishing. As of Oct. 2009 the company operated 774 retail bookstores in regional shopping malls, major strip centers and freestanding locations in 50 states and 624 college bookstores serving nearly 4 million students and over 250,000 faculty on college and university campuses in 50 states. Barnes & Noble conducts its online business through its Web site Barnes &, which offers direct home delivery of millions of books, music CDs and DVDs. The company sells eBooks and digital content from its Web site and from a wide range of platforms, including the iPhone, iPod touch and BlackBerry® SmartPhones.

Bluefire Productions

Bluefire Productions is the creator of Bluefire Reader, the groundbreaking new eReader application for iPhone and iPad that supports EPUB and PDF eBook formats with Adobe Content Server rights management. We help our bookseller customers accelerate their time to market and reduce development costs by offering customized white labeled eReader applications for iOS and Android devices. We also offer advanced Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) web services that transform this easy-to-publish XML catalog format into multiple device and form-factor specific html layouts. This greatly reduces the time and cost necessary to publish eBook catalogs for multiple devices and platforms while offering an optimized user experience on each device. Visit for info on Bluefire Reader, and learn more about us at


Bokus is an online bookstore that specializes in Swedish books, but we also have a huge supply of books in English and other languages. We offer more than 6 million book titles, so we are convinced you’ll find something you like. We want to help you to buy books quickly, and to inspire you to find new books you didn’t even know you were looking for. With the recent addition of we have added an e-book service which provides thousands of Swedish e-books and mp3-books in dito’s iPad, iPhone & Android-app, as well as more than 100 000 e-books from international publishers. For more information, visit


Bookeen is a French privately held company specialized in the design and development of digital reading hardware and software. Pioneering the ebook business as early as 1998, the Bookeen team designed and released the first European commercial ebook reading device back in 2000. The Cybook is the company’s flagship product. Based on E Ink’s electronic paper display, the Cybook Gen3 has been shipped to more than 70 countries.

Copia Interactive, LLC

COPIA ( is the first true social media and content delivery platform that combines your books, your friends and all your devices. COPIA enables consumers of all ages to experience a completely new way to discover, enjoy, share and purchase books, newspapers, magazines and other content, both digitally and in physical form. COPIA provides value-driven white label opportunities for publishers and an engine for OEMs to deliver content across their digital devices. COPIA is part of the DMC Worldwide ( family of companies – a leader in enterprise and consumer technology and products for more than 40 years, investing in, developing, manufacturing and distributing mass market consumer electronics.


In addition to providing Adobe eBook and PDF technologies (including Adobe Content Server, Adobe Reader Mobile SDK, Adobe PDF Java Toolkit and Adobe PDF Library) to developers and content providers, Datalogics also developed DL Reader, a fully-functional eBook viewer for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows desktop that is fully customizable and can be tied to your bookstore. DL Reader supports EPUB and PDF eBook content, as well as advanced features such as joined accounts, Vendor ID, and support for CJK and right-to-left languages. The user interface supports 15 languages, and customers have used DL Reader to build customized readers and publish them in to app stores within weeks. For more information, visit


DigiBooks4All offers a unique software solution designed for Publishers & Booksellers that need an end-to-end platform to extend their business in e-books industry. The platform includes an e-commerce solution for DRM’ed e-books bundled with mobile applications (iPad, Android) browsing your e-bookstore and providing unique reading experience to your customers.

At we love books, regardless of their format. Formerly known as we were among the pioneers in the German digital book market and have been selling ebooks since 2005. Our READER enables our customers to comfortably read ebooks on their mobile device and to download and expand their existing ebook library.


ebrary, a ProQuest business based in Palo Alto, CA, makes research easy. We provide libraries and patrons with high quality e-books from trusted publishers in all academic and professional subject areas along with powerful research tools. ebrary was founded in 1999, long before e-books were popular.

Elisa Corporation

Elisa Corporation is a leading Nordic communications services provider and publicly listed in the Large Cap segment of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. Elisa has operations in the Nordic countries, the Baltics and Russia. We serve some 2 million consumers regionally and around 150,000 enterprises and entrepreneurs internationally, offering a wide range of subscriptions with services. We provide experiences for people and enhance productivity for organizations online. Elisa focuses on developing consumer and corporate ICT and online services. Our revenues for 2010 were EUR 1.46 billion and we employ approximately 3,600 people. Elisa’s global alliance partners are Vodafone and Telenor. Elisa’s core values in all business operations are customer orientation, responsibility, renewal and profitability.

Gajah International Pte Ltd

Gajah is a Singapore company specialized in product design, development and manufacturing of portable media devices for international brands. Our work has received several international design awards. Our hardware and software solutions enable flexible business models and collaborations for our partners who are brand/content owners in the digital media world.

Kobo, Inc.

Kobo is a global eReading service backed by majority shareholder Indigo Books & Music, Borders Group, REDgroup Retail, and Cheung Kong Holdings. Kobo believes consumers should be able to read any book on any device – anytime, anyplace. With a catalog of over two million eBooks, and an open platform, Kobo enables retailers, device manufacturers and mobile operators to bring the joy of eReading to customers everywhere. For more information, visit Internet GmbH

Since 1999 the Internet GmbH with its brand name is one of Germany’s leading online booksellers and a pioneer in the eBook market. With its outstanding ease of use, its broad selection and great customer service is the first point of reference for eBook readers.


Mantano is an innovative software publisher strongly involved in research and specialized in e-reading applications. Our applications provide powerful features dedicated to professional, study and leisure reading. EPUB and PDF formats with Adobe DRM are supported thanks to the Adobe RMSDK technology.


Mobile Systems

Mobile Systems is an industry leader in developing and marketing mobile productivity software for smartphones and tablets. With a range of awards and strategic partnerships, and millions of customers worldwide, Mobile Systems stands behind a diverse line of popular reference and business products. Mobile Systems is the developer of the universal e-book reader UB Reader and of the mobile office application OfficeSuite, preloaded on over 30 million devices.

NeoSoar, Inc.

NeoSoar offers an end-to-end solution for your eBook and eTextbook distribution business. The solution provides robust, powerful back-end services for retail/wholesale transaction management and distribution, and fully-featured multiplatform eReaders on the front end. The platform leverages cloud services for performance and scalability, and utilizes open standards for interoperability and seamless integration with your existing retail website. NeoSoar eBooks, the full-function eReader client app, provides powerful end-user features including cloud synchronization of user notes and highlights, and is available for Windows, iOS and Android platforms. The solution is fully localizable, and can either be installed on premises or is available as a pay-as-you-go SaaS multitenant service. NeoSoar, Inc..


Based in Paris and created in 2000, Numilog ( is a French Hachette- Livre company, specialized in ebooks, audio-ebooks and digital content delivery solutions. It is the leading ebooks distributor in France for ebooks in PDF and ePub and offers its digitization and distribution services to publishers, with Adobe Content Server 4 DRM solution. Numilog sells ebooks through on line ebook stores and digital libraries with digital lending solutions. It develops also web applications for building and managing ebook stores and digital libraries, ebookstores and reading applications for mobile devices, using Adobe SDK. Our mission is to propose to end users comfortable reading on all devices compatible with the standard ebook formats and to offer publishers a secure way to promote and distribute their ebooks.


Our mission is to find ways through which technology and the internet grant a new value to the process of finding and reading interesting books. We are also dedicated to using a part of the enormous interactive potential provided by social networks in order to facilitate finding ideal books and exchanging opinions on the ideas these books contain.

Odilo App

Odilo offers a comprehensive product suite for the discovery, management, and distribution of library print and digital materials

Onyx International, Inc.

Onyx is a technology company with leading professionals in both technical and business domains. The mission of Onyx is to bring exceptional reading experience to the consumers, to enable new business models for the publishers, and to revolutionize the publishing industry, by creating state-of-the-art
e-readers and distribution platform with the newest display and communication technologies. Onyx is striving to meet the demands of end users, traditional
publishers, small publishers, online publishers, as well as amateur and professional writers.


OverDrive is a leading full-service digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, music, and video. We deliver secure management, DRM protection, and download fulfillment services for hundreds of publishers to a channel of thousands of libraries, schools, and retailers, serving millions of end users. OverDrive also develops software applications to enhance the user experience, complementing its award-winning service and industry-best catalog. OverDrive has been named to the EContent 100 as a company that matters most in the digital content industry. Founded in 1986, OverDrive is based in Cleveland, OH.

PocketBook International SA

PocketBook is a fast growing company established in 2007, in less than 3 years PocketBook has earned a remarkable place in the market with its products sold in 24 countries; considered one of the world’s 5th largest manufacturers of E ink readers and a top leading brand in the CIS market with its own R&D department –famous for developing PB content platform (Obreey store)-, unique product identity & software customization. Currently breaking into the B2B sector (education, banking) as well as some existing co-branding projects in the EU, PocketBook offers high production capabilities to meet any market requirement thanks to partnership with many big vendors.

PocketBook is also proudly famous for its top quality e-reader devices that offer: safety for eye-sight reading& excellent reading quality in bright sunlight, one month battery life for a single charge, multi language interfaces& support for 18 formats of files, resistive, capacitive& multi-touch screen models, text-to-speech player and other customized special software, communication solutions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G models, state-of-the-art latest technologies for the best customer experience. For more information, please visit


Created in 2002 and headquartered in Cyprus, Prestigio is a fast growing, well-established international manufacturer of Tablet PCs, eBook Readers, personal navigation devices, consumer electronics, computer peripherals and accessories. Prestigio’s mission is to offer an exclusive combination of elegance, sophistication, high product quality, advanced technology and state-of-art design. Prestigio aims to improve the quality of life with the unique and elegant, yet rather affordable solutions, that one would enjoy using every day.


Qisda is an ODM/OEM service provider of electronic products for consumer, commercial, industrial & lifestyle applications. Its product offering ranges from LCD monitors, All-in-One PC, e-signage & professional displays, projectors, scanners, multifunctional printers, 3G/smartphones, wireless modules, home medical gateways, automobile infotainment devices, portable display devices, to LED lighting fixtures. Headquartered in Taiwan, Qisda has R&D centers located in Taiwan and China, and global manufacturing sites in China,the Czech Republic, Mexico, and Taiwan. In addition to leveraging technologies of affiliated companies such as LCD, LED, e-paper, touch module, and IC design, Qisda’s in-house vertical-integration capabilities include mechanical tooling, plastic injection & painting, metal stamping, and PCBA production (SMT/MI). Although positioned as a manufacturing company, Qisda possesses internationally recognized design capabilities. Since 2008, Qisda has been a winner of prestigious design awards and garnered 15 red dot, 7 G-Mark, and 15 iF awards. This recognition reinforces Qisda’s unique competitive advantage in product design.


Readbooks is a team of experts specialized in publishing and selling eBooks. Our knowledge in technology and interface design allows us to offer a unique and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a reader, a bookseller, a retailer or author, ReadBooks has a solution for you.


The innovative Danish based upstart company Riidr was founded in 2010. We are currently offering ebooks in the local markets of Denmark and Sweden, but is expanding thanks to Adobe RMSDK to a broad range of countries. A partnership with Ingram Digital and other local distributors of digital content enables Riidr to supply readers with a world class reading experience. The cross-platform reading applications can be experiences on both iOS and Android devices. Riidr also serves B2B customers helping businesses deliver advanced ebook solutions for their customers.

Saraiva e Siciliano S.A.

Saraiva was founded in 1914, and is the largest bookstore chain in Brazil with 92 stores. Saraiva is also one of the major brazilian publisher houses, controlling 6 publish brands and an e-learning channel. Saraiva is an open capital enterprise since 1972, and has introduced the Mega Store concept in Brazil. In 1998 Saraiva has started its e-commerce website, which is the biggest online book retailer and the second online selling volume in the country – with 1.3 million active clients. Now, in 2010, the company starts its e-book retailing project.


For more than 40 years, North America has had a love affair with the Sony brand. During that time, Sony has created numerous products and technologies that have helped make consumers’ lives easier, more enjoyable and more productive. At the same time, the company has earned a solid reputation for quality, reliability, innovation and stylish design. In fact, the Harris Poll has identified Sony as a top brand in America, as the company has held the top three positions over the past 12 years including the number one position for nine years. The company is committed to maintaining a leadership position in consumer electronics, broadcast and professional systems and information technology products. Sony is also committed to developing new technologies that reflect the networked convergence of audio, video and information technology.

Triboo Tecnologia

Triboo is a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) model company based in Brazil , that creates for third-party enterprises protected ecosystems for digital content sales and distribution. For our e-books ecosystems we choose Adobe technology to help us implement our e-books ecosystem solution. It helped us to implement and deliver in much faster timeframe with a high standard in quality and security of our service.


txtr is a new and innovative start-up company based in Berlin and founded in 2008. With the txtr Reader that allows digital reading just like reading paper and that is connected to the online platform and text community via
txtr Net, the company offers an open overall solution for the storing, publishing, and sharing of digital texts and books while allowing full mobility. It is the aim of txtr to extend the possibilities of working with texts and to allow the user to access and edit his content and own documents available at anytime and from everywhere. With the txtr Store at the company offers an overall digital book program with titles of major German publishers.