Content Server 4 Solution Providers

If you are looking to distribute your eBooks, open an eBook store, or launch a digital library or other service based on Adobe® Content Server 4 software and do not wish to purchase and host the server yourself, Adobe has developed a network of Content Server solution providers to fulfill your needs. The following companies have integrated Content Server 4 into a range of value-added services, from retail to library to distribution of electronic books in both PDF and the EPUB format.

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Arvato systems GmbH

As a subsidiary of arvato AG, arvato systems is part of the global media concern of Bertelsmann. With 1,500 employees, we offer our customers a complete spectrum of IT services, which ranges from consulting and concept design to development, implementation, and operation. The Publishing Solutions section of arvato systems GmbH possesses highly-rated expertise in the sector, acquired in more than 15 years of involvement in countless publishing projects. Our services include consulting, development, and integration, as well as the management and operation of applications and systems. We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the multi-facetted work of publishers. Our expertise extends to innovative and sector-specific IT solutions, with integration into existing systems together with the required interfaces.

BookMobile logo


BookMobile has provided superior quality design, printing, distribution, and digital services to university presses, trade publishers, and literary nonprofit groups since 1982. Digital services include eBook conversion, distribution, and publisher website fulfillment. BookMobile was also a pioneer in print on demand, having printed its first book digitally in December 1996; it has nearly 1,000 satisfied digital printing customers.

Booxen logo


Booxen Co., Ltd., based in Korea, is a major wholesaler. It consists of diversified businesses in distribution, third-party logistics, and digital fulfillment services. Each business brings a broad spectrum of products and services to the book industry. Booxen is a unique company providing integrated services from publishing, wholesaling for physical books, platform services for promotion, and sales to digital asset management services, eBook content manufacturing, wholesaling, and distribution in Korea. Booxen plans to expand these advanced services to foreign customers in the future.

Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing logo

Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing

Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing (BvDEP) is a leading global electronic publisher of comprehensive company information. In addition, BvDEP has developed an Electronic Publishing Services department that focuses on providing leading-edge solutions and services to publishers to increase their online presence and garner additional revenue by offering their digital content directly to consumers and companies. Its e-publishing solutions are being used by publishers of books, magazines, news, directories, and dictionaries as well as science, technical, and medical works in general. Main references in this domain are Safari Books Online, CourseSmart, Libreka, and Electre.

CogniLore logo

CogniLore Information Solutions Inc.

CogniLore Information Solutions offers scalable publishing solutions to commercial content owners worldwide from its Ottawa, Canada–based headquarters. CogniLore systems support product development throughout the publishing roadmap, with solutions for content creation and authoring workflow; user and subscription management; secure content delivery, search, and annotation; online purchasing via secure credit card transactions; and product hosting, support, and maintenance. CogniLore’s customers leverage its systems and experience for the fastest, easiest, and most reliable methods to deliver their titles, publications, and subscriptions in a variety of electronic formats and platforms.

CyberWolf logo


CyberWolf is the leading provider of business management software to small and medium-size book publishers. Its ACUMEN Book and Power Book products are used by a worldwide community of publishers to manage daily business and web commerce operations. CyberWolf offers integrated web solutions capable of delivering eBooks via PDF and the EPUB format, coupled with reliable digital rights management (DRM) technologies.

Digicon Logo

Digital Content SA

Digital Content, established in 2000, was the first company in Greece to become involved in eBooks and DRM technologies. It offers authors and publishers complete solutions, transforming their works, backlists, or complete catalogs into protected digital products in addition to providing the marketing and sales platform to sell their books. The online bookstore, e-bookshop, is the first of its kind in Greece, with more than 20,000 registered users.

Ebooks logo

Ebooks Corporation

Ebooks Corporation is an Australian public company that has specialized in the production and distribution of digital books since 1997. The company has partnerships with 400 publishers, including the world’s leading trade, professional, and scholarly publishers. The company has a multichannel market strategy, distributing its collection of 130,000 unique titles to consumers via the retail portal and to academic and research institutions via Ebook Library (EBL). Ebooks Corporation also provides advisory and technology services to global book publishers and retailers.

Elib logo


Elib is the leading producer and distributor of electronic books in the Scandinavian market, servicing public libraries and retailers. Elib is co-owned by leading Swedish publishers. Since the company was founded in 2000, Elib has successfully helped build the market for electronic books in Scandinavia. It is continuously adding new publishers, retailers, and public libraries, resulting in a good penetration of the Scandinavian market.

Ellibs logo

Ellibs Ltd

Ellibs Ltd specializes in the sales, marketing, and technology of eBooks. Ellibs offers its customers automated services relevant to electronic publication and management of materials. Its partners include a number of nonfiction publishers, libraries, and companies in Finland and Europe. The Ellibs store already features some 15,000 eBooks, with the selection increasing daily. Ellibs Ltd is part of the Lingsoft Group.

ePagine logo


ePagine offers editors, bookshops, and librarians the perfect tools to work with eBooks. The company transforms French and Dutch source formats of books into formats ready to be read as eBooks. In addition, it offers editors the production, storage, and protection of their eBooks and assistance in developing catalogs. Bookshops and librarians play an essential role in selling these eBooks online and in stores.

Epigrafe Limitada logo

Epígrafe Limitada

Since 2003, Epí has distributed digital publications, protected under Adobe technology, in Spanish. Its priorities are to recover cultural assets and popularize digital content, honoring copyrights without neglecting the consumer. Epígrafe Limitada services include document digitalization and editorial design that emphasizes providing readers with the best experience. Epígrafe Limitada also provides solutions for safer distribution and storage on Adobe Content Server 4, with lending models for digital libraries, fulfillment for publishers, safe handling of confidential documents for companies from their own websites, and a distribution channel for DRM-protected PDF and EPUB editions.

ESDNOW logo is based in the Netherlands and helps businesses unlock digital content through the Internet and mobile devices. ESDNOW offers publishers a robust and scalable media distribution platform, which enables them to protect, publish, and sell digital content such as eBooks, audiobooks, video, and software online. A prime example is Van Dale, a leading dictionary publisher in Benelux; most of its digital content is protected, licensed, and distributed by ESDNOW. Other clients include game publishers, software developers, and content providers.

euebooks logo is a European aggregator of scientific, academic, and commercially available eBooks, offering a comprehensive catalog of the latest resources that are published worldwide. It provides a complete framework that allows publishers to sell eBooks all over the world and gain access to an international retailer network managed by experienced companies.


iENGINEERING Corporation

iENGINEERING Corporation is a leading provider of DRM solutions that offers content creators and publishers a broad range of options to monetize and deliver their digital publications. It delivers a flexible platform for secure distribution of digital content assets and provides managed infrastructure and line-of-business application solutions that help enforce its customers’ core values. With a special focus on the needs of the vertical industries, iENGINEERING works with a deep understanding of its customers’ business processes to arrive at solutions that not only meet but also exceed customer expectations. Through high standards and industry expertise, the company provides customers with cost-effective and efficient information technology infrastructure solutions for security, hosting, messaging, and e-business requirements.

Kodelite Ltd.

Kodelite Ltd. is the first e-book aggregator in Turkey, specializing in the creation, conversion, marketing and secure distribution of e-books. The company is now providing solutions such as a secure e-book DRM and distribution infrastructure based on Adobe Content Server 4 with tight e-commerce integration, technical consultancy and e-book conversion and creation services. The company’s clients include some of the largest book vendors in Turkey selling over 100,000 book titles with a comprehensive and growing e-book collection. Future endeavors include e-book aggregation for self-publishing authors through the web and digital library services for educational institutions.

Leer-e logo


Leer-e is the one-stop shop where Spanish-language publishers and retailers of eBook and digital content meet. The company offers a complete range of services for publishers: digitization, translation, editing, conversion, publication, promotion, and distribution (including its own online shops for publishers). Leer-e also provides publishers with a wide range of retail channels to maximize sales. Leer-e’s distribution channels are both business to consumer, through bookstores and consumer electronics channels, and business to business, through specialized partnership agreements.

Libre Digital logo


LibreDigital enables publishers to manage and market digital content, providing a web-based warehouse and distribution platform for six of the top ten U.S. trade publishers and more than 100 leading periodicals. LibreDigital solutions allow publishers to store and protect digital content in any form, and to deliver content on demand to any marketplace or device – including the Apple iBookstore, the Blio eReader, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble nook, Sony Reader, and many more. LibreDigital serves the world’s top publishing firms, including HarperCollins Publishers, Hachette Book Group, and Simon & Schuster. Backed by Adams Capital Management, Triangle Peak Partners, Noro-Moseley Partners, The New York Times Company, and HarperCollins Publishers, LibreDigital partners with a number of industry leaders, including Baker & Taylor, to provide a full range of solutions. LibreDigital is based in Austin, Texas, with offices in New York City and London.

Libri logo


Founded in 1928, Libri supplies more than 4,000 booksellers — both bricks-and-mortar and online outlets — in Germany and neighboring countries with the book and media merchandise they require and exports German books worldwide. With the eContent platform Libri.Digital, Libri transfers these wholesale services to the digital world — eBooks and audiobook downloads are available for all retail customers in Libri’s digital warehouse. Libri maintains business relationships with German publishing houses, leading international publishers, and international wholesale partners.

Librisite logo


Librisite is the leading developer of technology and electronic solutions for publishers, institutions, and libraries in Latin America. It also specializes in the commercialization of Adobe’s DRM protected electronic books. Librisite offers publishers a safe and reliable distribution and sales channel for their electronic content. It also sells electronic books to the general public through, the world’s largest Spanish-language content eBook store.

MPS Technologies logo

MPS Technologies

MPS Technologies, a Macmillan company, collaborates with publishers, libraries, and content owners to create solutions that enable them to transform their processes of innovation and capitalize on value through all the phases of content management, distribution, and hosting solutions. MPS Technologies products allow clients to digitally run and manage product information from ideation to specific requirements and implementing tailored solutions that are unique to different verticals. MPS Technologies understands its customers’ requirements and processes, helping them maximize market exposure and revenue opportunities. MPS Technologies also provide MPS Applications, a customized suite of services that enhance the user experience.

Neolux Corporation

Neolux Corporation

Neolux Corporation is the only electronic paper solution company in Korea. Founded in 2000, Neolux has worked in the point-of-purchase advertising industry and introduced a reader device for electronic publications in 2007. Recently, the company launched a new eBook device called NUUT2 and is providing newspaper and eBook content through

NetLibrary logo


OCLC’s NetLibrary provides content and technical delivery solutions to institutional libraries, corporations, and government agencies that facilitate the purchase, management, and distribution of research, reference, digital learning, and general interest content via web-based technologies. NetLibrary’s eContent solution is the most broadly adopted in the market, making more than 177,000 eBooks, 6,000 electronic journals, 9,700 eAudiobooks, and 83 databases available through more than 16,000 libraries worldwide.

NetPhilo logo


NetPhilo is an Italian company based in Milan. It offers services and consulting on virtually every aspect of publishing and web publishing, including graphics artwork, web projects and hosting, and database and software development. NetPhilo has among its clients several important players in the world scene of publishing and communication. In June 2008, NetPhilo opened, the first eBook store based on Adobe Digital Editions in Italy, and now aims to develop an integrated platform for commerce and scientific research before 2013.

Numilog logo


Based in Paris and created in 2000, Numilog is a French Hachette Livre company specializing in eBooks, digital audiobooks, and digital content delivery solutions. It is the main eBooks aggregator in France for multiformat eBooks, especially PDF and EPUB, and offers digitization and distribution services to the major French-language publishers and some major English-language publishers. Numilog’s distribution channels are both business to consumer, through online eBook stores, and business to business, through libraries using digital lending solutions. Numilog can also help other companies implement specific Adobe Content Server based distribution solutions.

OverDrive logo


OverDrive is the leading global digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, music, and video. OverDrive delivers secure management, DRM protection, and download fulfillment services for hundreds of publishers and thousands of libraries, schools, and retailers serving millions of end users. Founded in 1986, OverDrive is based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Publidisa logo

Publidisa is Publidisa’s solution for selling eBooks. is a platform designed to meet the needs of publishers that wish to market their content online in eBook format. The platform allows publishers to sell eBooks on their own websites or through the affiliate program in some of the top online bookstores. With unmatched performance and scalability, Publidisa links its unique Global Content Manager technology for publishers with Adobe’s DRM solution, thus promoting the creation of business models based on new technologies for titles stored in its system.

Value Chain logo

Value Chain International

Value Chain, a wholly owned subsidiary of process collaboration company Azurn International Limited, is a global specialist in digital publishing solutions. It helps publishing companies revolutionize how they do business by offering publishers a complete end-to-end managed publishing solution and unique applications to embrace the digital world and generate new lines of revenue. With a presence in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, and Australia and more than 400 employees worldwide, Value Chain offers world-class solutions for some of the leading publishing houses, including Cengage Learning, Cambridge University Press, McGraw-Hill Education, Gardners Books, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Group, as well as the World Health Organization.


Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Xeriph is a platform designed to bring publishers and eBook Stores together. Publishers now can offer their content to a full range of customers, maximizing their sales and eBook stores now have a single place to find what is in the market to fill their digital shelves. Xeriph acts as both clearing house, content aggregator / distributor and as a secure ebook repository for any sector of the book industry. The company also provides content conversion, white labels for eBook Stores, and a wide range of digital solutions for the market in Brazil. We operate under the flag of full transparency for all our customers, offering online reports of every single transaction done between its partners.

Zentrale Medien logo

Zentrale Medien

Zentrale Medien offers digital distribution services for academic and trade publishers. Working in close consultation with clients, the company provides expertise and professional infrastructure for the digital distribution of electronic content. Zentrale Medien offers customized solutions for optimizing electronic publishing processes, utilizing new distribution channels, and attracting customers.