Digital Strategy

Audi’s app deepens brand loyalty while generating strong sales leads

Mobile apps provide a way for Audi of America to establish a presence on consumer devices.

Jun 15, 2015 /Product Updates /

Introducing the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution Beta

We’re thrilled to announce that our completely re-imagined Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS) is available in beta.

Corporate Training Goes Mobile with Adobe DPS

We’re excited to share another powerful use case, corporate training and e-learning through immersive mobile apps.

Vivint reducing technician training time by 50%

When it became evident that the time required for outmoded, print-based training was increasing, Vivint looked for a new solution.

PADI training app surpasses web, predicts 300% increase in annual downloads

To keep divers skilled and safe, PADI adopted and employed the latest training techniques, including DPS.

REI brings fast, consistent merchandising guidance to sales associates in 140 stores

REI created its Floor Set Guide training apps using DPS to help sales associates serve customers better.