Product Updates

Jan 23, 2017 /How-To /

Bring those Browse Pages to Life!

With recent updates to the AEM Mobile platform, browse pages received a major power-up in the form of Dynamic Banners. With the Dynamic Banners feature, you can continue to use browse pages to display articles and collections in your navigation screens with the added capability of carving out space for HTML-based interactive content. Learn about how to create a Dynamic Banner as well as some potential use cases.

Experience Manager Mobile Release 2016.8 Now Available

On June 23, we released the latest update to Adobe Experience Manager Mobile.

Feb 24, 2015 /Customer Stories /

New Fast Company App Reveals Adobe’s Vision for Future of Digital Publishing

The future of digital publishing as imagined by Adobe DPS and Fast Company.

Re-imagining Publishing with Fast Company

Read about the successful collaboration between Adobe and Fast Company.

Publish Interactive Mobile Presentations with Digital Publishing Suite.

Since its launch almost 25 years ago, millions and millions of Office PowerPoint presentations have been …

Release 27 Now Available

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