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Camera Lens Blur effect and camera depth of field properties in After Effects CS5.5

After Effects CS5.5 includes many improvements related to 3D cameras and depth-of-field blurs. It’s now much easier to get high-quality animated rack focus, bokeh, and other results that depend on selectively blurring items depending on their distance from a camera. It’s also a lot easier to set up and animate cameras.

Chris and Trish Meyer provide a detailed set of video tutorials about these new features:

One of the things that Chris mentions about the Camera Lens Blur effect is that it renders much faster than the old Lens Blur effect. Yep. Much. One of the big reasons that the Camera Lens Blur effect is so much better is that it doesn’t disable Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously multiprocessing, as the Lens Blur effect did.

Video2Brain also provides a set of videos explaining and demonstrating these new features:

For a complete list of what’s new and changed in After Effects CS5.5, see this page.


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