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RED Epic and Warp Stabilizer

OK – so this blog will not always be about Warp Stabilizer (promise).  But – I just finished reading Vincent Laforet’s sum up of how he used different gear and techniques to really max out his new RED Epic.  A BIG component he felt was how Warp Stabilizer in AE CS 5.5 changed how he shoots – which is dramatically cool from my perspective.



Cool to me also!

But the warp Stabilizer is an extra plug in right?
Where can i get it for my ae CS 4.
I couldn’t afford CS 5….
Or isn’t it possible for CS 4

[ Unfortunately – Warp Stabilizer is built directly into AE CS 5.5 and is incompatible with CS4. Although you utilize it much like an effect, the technology is directly a component of AE. – S. ]

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