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Warp Stabilizer – Redux

Back before CS 5.5 was announced I did a little sneak peak video (found here) on a new feature called ‘Warp Stabilizer’.  Wow – what a cool response.  Interestingly enough, I didn’t cover an important piece of the technology called synthesize edges.  THEN – a user in the UK along with some folks here at Adobe did something with the technology we NEVER intended when we designed it.

Definitely caused some jaws on the floor here on the AE team, and I wanted to show it to you here…



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This is very useful when the camera is actually moving. However if the camera is stationary one can remove elements/people/etc by masking out those items and putting another layer from a frame shot underneath. Normally I just make a PSD of a frame that is clear of what I want to remove and layer it underneath the video.

Read your blog post – Very cool idea. I know its impersonal, but if you fill out this feature request form, a real human looks at and enters it into our feature database.


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