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50% off CS 5.5 Production Premium or Premiere Pro

I had an overwhelming response to my previous blog post about where Adobe stands as a company in the professional market.  Many of you commented via the blog or email that there should be some sort of incentive to switch to Premiere Pro and CS 5.5 Production Premium while moving from your current toolset.

Well – in the spirit of putting our money where our mouth is, we are now offering for a limited time – 50% off either CS 5.5 Production Premium, OR Premiere Pro CS 5.5 standalone.  This is open to anyone, worldwide, coming from either Apple or Avid workflows.

As an example, in the US store, this means a FULL license of CS 5.5 Production Premium suite can be bought for $849.50.   A FULL license of Premiere Pro CS 5.5 can be bought for $399. Again – this promo is worldwide, I’m just using the US store as an example.

Remember – you need the promo code ‘SWITCH’ and you need to click the ‘get 50% off’ icon on the right hand side of the page.

I don’t believe that Adobe has ever had a promotion like this in history.


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Any chance its 50% off the Master Collection, because then I am SOLD!

[ I can’t say we didn’t try! Seriously though – its a pretty inexpensive method for folks who do not have creative suite. Then all future suite upgrades or migration to things like master collection down the road becomes MUCH cheaper. -S. ]

Apple deserves every download PP 5.5 gets for selling out like that.

I’m almost glad Adobe is here to get the ball rolling on what could be the end to FCP. Sounds like a damn good deal.

Upgrade from a single product is still at $850. Is there any chance to get 50% off of the $1099.00 upgrade price = $550.00

I’m a past purchaser of individual Photoshop, Premiere & AE programs.


Jim C.

[ Unfortunately the promotion is for full licenses only. -S. ]

I’m sorely tempted, but as I went through the process, I note that you charge £226 more for the Production Suite in the UK than you do in the US – and then we pay 20% on top of that for VAT.

£226 difference – that’s a whopping $362 extra just because we’re in the UK. Furthermore, if we want to download, Adobe charges us EXTRA!

How do you justify this difference – even with the tax factored out? It’s put me off…

Sorry to hear it is only for a Full License – one of the things that annoyed me about FCPx was the uniform pricing – no upgrade pricing for customer loyalty.

I must say that it does bother me a little, that Adobe will give an $850 discount to someone who hasn’t used Adobe products, but only a $250 discount to someone who has supported Adobe and now wants to expand from individual programs to the Production Premium Suite.

Been supporting AE since it was CoSA, have Photoshop, used Premiere until the Mac was temporarily abandoned – still have my version 1 Premiere floppies (might even have a pre-Premiere ReelTime floppy somewhere from the Video Spigot days), pretty sure I bought Audition at some point too.

A straight 50% discount across the board would have been nice, and made your customers feel appreciated, but maybe I’ll have to go for a full license before the promotion is over, it’s just a tougher decision.


Jim C

    I agree with you Jim. Sad to see updates are not eligible. Adobe appears to only want new customers, not to entice old customers back into the fold. I bet they would have a lot more sales if they would make it across the board. (I am in the same boat. I have an older CS suite)
    And if you want a real kick in the teeth…
    NEW customers to adobe can get CS 5.5 Production Suite for $850
    Existing customers like me can UPGRADE to CS5.5 Production Suit for $950

Agree with Jim. I own Web Premium of Adobe, so this switch has no advantage for me. I’m just as good off sticking with FCP7. And agree again that the biggest FCPX issue was uniform pricing. If companies want to forget that our dollars help the continued production, why should we remember to purchase the next iteration. Uniform pricing HAS to be breaking some form of social contract..

“This is open to anyone, worldwide, coming from either Apple or Avid workflows.”

Not exactly. Prices in Brazil are twice to downoad the U.S. version. With the promotion will pay the value of software in the U.S.. This is not a very good promotion.

Do you need proof of ownership of Apple or Avid software products in order to take advantage of the promo?

[ I believe you need just to use the promotion keyword – ‘SWITCH’ on the promotion page. -S. ]

I’m really happy for the community but very disappointed for myself at the same time. I purchased the CS5.5 Production Premium for 1,800$ and not even a month later this promotion is announced.

I been looking to switch from final cut pro adobe pro. Honesly waiting for apple to do something but never happened.. i did call for a quote for Production Premium CS5.5 1,856.26 is that the best quote I can get.?

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