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OS X 10.7 Lion and AE

So Lion is now out.  Many users will be asking how this will impact applications such as AE.

To give some insight – Adobe engineers have been testing our applications since the first drop of Lion was available to developers.  In many cases, there has been a dialogue between Apple and Adobe about where issues have arisen and how to address / fix them.

For After Effects specifically – there are no known specific issues to report with CS 5 or CS 5.5 running on 10.7 Lion. There are however a few changes in the OS that you should be aware of in your production workflow (for installing applications, accessing prefs etc):

We do know of an intermittent crash on quit with AE CS 4 in Lion that was being addressed by Apple.  We are working on determining if this was fixed by Apple in the final shipping version of the OS.


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Any chance we can get a working link to “known issues” here?

[ Just noticed the link is broken all over the web – have notified the knowledge base folks. Thanks for the heads up. -S

Update – The link now points to the right resource. -S ]

When in AE, option clicking another app does not hide AE. It acts as if it’s hidden, clicking on the AE interface wont make it active. This has been a Mac standard for quite some time and I use it a lot. Right clicking AE in the dock and choosing hide or unhide works fine.

Not a biggie, just something I’m use to.

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