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I get a huge amount of email from passionate AE users asking for improvements, new features etc.  I also get several emails from folks who aren’t exactly happy with decisions we’ve made in terms of supporting this or that, or what we haven’t done right etc.

It’s a very cool thing.  You send me this stuff because you CARE.  That is HUGE.

Many also ask how to get more involved.

Here’s one way.  It’s called the “Product Improvement Program”.  (Click: Help –>Product Improvement Program from within AE)

First off – I know this all sounds very formal, and yes – Adobe is a big company.  But this information is a BIG DEAL when it comes time for us to make tough decisions.

Here’s what happens.  AE will anonymously (ANONYMOUSLY!) send data about which functions (ie – effects) you used in AE to a server here at Adobe.  It will also send info about any errors you encounter, what types of formats you export and import and so on.  There is NO information about you or your project that is collected.  If you would tell us via the form what type of work you do, and size of company – that gives us just enough info on who and where AE is being used.

Why is this important?  Myself and my peers on the AE team look at this data almost on a weekly basis as we try and make decisions that we think you will care about.  This data is a HUGE help.

Here is a link to the FAQ on what we store and how: Adobe Product Improvement Program

Therefore,  PLEASE say ‘Yes – participate!’ when you select Help –>Product Improvement Program within AE.

After that – please keep the emails, forum posts, blogs, tweets coming.  The great, good, bad and ugly – all are welcome as they help us make better software.




I’d like to see AE import .obj files directly and bypass Photoshop. And since I’m making a wish list, prebuilt expressions and previews of what they do in Bridge.

    Yes I second this, I think that would be great!

I think I speak for every after effects user out there by pointing out the elephant in the room—–> MAKE AFTEREFFECTS BACKWARD COMPTABLE


    Owen – Beginning with CS5.5 we can now save back one version. So, CS5.5 can save as CS5. This will be more useful between milestone versions (ie – CS6)

Two things:
-3D curves, in which bezier control points can be repositioned in Z as well as X&Y.
-Replace the Flowchart view with an actually functional nodal compositing interface.

I just realized point #1 might not be clear enough. I mean renderable spatial 3D curves, not temporal motion curves. Something similar to Trapcode 3D Stroke, but with control points freely positionable in 3D space.

• maybe automatically set AE memory options for best performance. Maybe a wizard to set it up. Still unhappy with performance in 5.5.

• better precompose options to auto trim new comp. There are scripts for this (videocopilot just made another one).

• layer groups or folders. Maybe an option to adjust layer height?

• is there an adobe resource for finding scripts?

• network rendering is still terrible. Check out c4d’s net render. I want that for AE

And good Luck with listening to everybody whining!

Peter Quinn

It would be nice to have a snapshot button like in the Premiere program monitor, to be able to take a snap shot of some point in your timeline and generate a jpg file, since when you save a frame as PSD most times you get a error telling you that some blending modes are not compatible with psd, and you get an image that´s different from what you are seeing and when you have a lot of projects is nice to be able of having some kind of thumbnail of what´s inside, mostly if you have a big template collection.
Anyway After Effects has improved a lot since I first used it in version 4 so keep up the good work.

    When you render a single frame the DEFAULT format is a .psd file, but you can choose other formats (such as .jpg, or .png, or many others) the same way you can choose to render videos into other formats.

can i make ..3D Final Fantasy..AE4?

– Grouping / Nodal Flow: it would be a huge benefit to be able to apply adjustment layers, masks, mattes to a group of layers without the need to precompose. This would simplify timing and control. Having this also in a nodal interface would boost usability.

– Script management: A dedicated panel for scripts. Where you could manage scripts by putting them into folders, have a search on them, sort/search by author/keyword. Maybe even with an option to browse for scripts online? Maybe a backup/export option for all your installed scripts – this would make a re-install or migration much easier

– Warp Stabilizer Enhanced Control: Some shots have objects that keep disturbing the stabilizer. It would be helpful to be able to tell the stabilizer to ignore certain areas on certain frames.
Keyframe information: Without the ability to reaply original motion the stabilizer is only of limited value when doing effects work. Given the fact that there is no straightforward way of inversing the warping – especially when composing multiple assets – it should be well possible for all other modes like “perspective”, “position, rotation, scale”. Having the option to do the inverse transformation in these cases would be extremely valuable. Maybe even with having a “target layer” option, an “apply” button and a “strength (0-100%)” parameter?

Are there any contests that I can get involved with, concerning After Effects or just video’s in general. I will say that I have become a huge fan of Adobe, keep up the good work.


Give us a platform as Photoshop has
and do not give us the feeling that After Effects is only second place just because it still has this stupid, nasty, low-ass, nineteenhundred-somewhat feedback/wish/bug report form!

Really you guys making so sick with your slow response on changes and improvements!!!!

[ Thanks so much for your constructive feedback! We also have this forum as well to place rants such as this – After Effects Discussion Forum -S. ]

    Sorry Steve, it wasn’t my best mood. I’m just running a bit crazy about all that FCP-X switching/moving brawl and it creates headache to me which leads into useless posts like mine above.


    [ You will notice I just trashed a comment you recently left due to offensive language and just plain being nasty. I welcome dissent, and contrary opinion. I also expect some level of frustration that I can perhaps help address sometimes – BUT – I won’t tolerate offensive behaviour. Participate and discuss = YES. Yell, Scream and be offensive = TRASH. Clear? -S. ]

So Clear!

Support for ATI cards with the Mercury Playback Engine in Premiere. Unfortunately, many of us Final Cut Pro “Switchers” are unable to unleash the power of the MPE with Hardware Acceleration, because of Apple’s lack of support for many Nvidia cards. I was forced to upgrade to a ATI Radeon HD 5770 because nothing else was available that was better. Unless you have a Mac Pro that’s less then 2 years old you don’t have many options other then ATI cards. I feel like many of us Apple users will run into this problem.

Personally, I’ve really enjoyed the switch. Being a FCP user of 8 years, I expected it to be more difficult. But, nice features like the FCP7 keyboard preset really made it easy. Keep up the good work and please support OpenCL!!!

A unified Z-space for plugins would be amazing and would make it easier to integrate multiple 3D plugins in one comp (without having to manually create depth passes).

Oh – and a small but amazingly useful feature would be to be able to set depth-based fogging for 3D layers, so as they get further from the camera they tint to a chosen fog color. There should be controls for fade in/out distance, amount (%), color and falloff type (linear, curved, realistic). I have buena depth cue and Atmosphere, but this stuff should be built in as it’s so basic to implement. Extra points for adding an API for third parties, so their plugins can use the fogging values too.

Please add some kind of grouping/folder system like PS. The shy/hide layer thing is simply not good enough. It is almost impossible to work once you get over 20 layers.

Also, is it not possible to import the basic metadata from WAV files, like markers?
Making music promos is a complete pain when you have to recreate a pile of cues and markers.

Please make it possible to disable the hovering toot tips at the cursor.


It would be great if one could collapse / open the triangles of the timeline or the effect editor by keyboard shortcut.

Another great thing would be to integrate the effect-parameters into the sequence-timeline as it is in After Effects: type “s” to direclty modify the scaling, “p” for positionn ect.

A “Show sequence in project” – function similar to After Effects “Show composition in project” would be great.
It is often hard to find the sequence-version on wich one is working in the project window, so this would realy help.

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