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Live from Siggraph 2011

There have been a few videos flying around the interwebs showing yours truly demonstrating a research project with Nvidia at Siggraph:

It’s a very cool ‘research project’ at this point.  Here at Adobe we’re exploring the use of ray-tracing on extruded text and shape layers that better utilize the GPU.  Obviously we can’t say if or when something like this would ship (in even what product for that matter), but it would be fantastic to see what you think.

Along those lines – interoperability with other tools (that say do …3D) is also very important – now and in the future. Check out what Autodesk just announced. It’s a VERY cool integration between 3DSMax and AE:



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I think every After Effects user wants to have this feature right now. Just add it into CS 5.5 v2 😉
But it would be even more impressive to allow obj, … import

    >I think every After Effects user wants to have this feature right now.

    Certainly not.

    [ Just out of curiosity Lutz – are you implying that your opinion is more valid or correct than the person who posted this? -S. ]

      Well, I’m not “every AE user” and even if I’m just one out of a million, I can happily go without extruded text in AE for the next few years. IMO it’s an overrated feature and as I wrote on my blog, unless this is a fully integrated new 3D space, it would be just be another bolted-on feature with its own limitations that I’m not exactly looking forward to and that will frustrate users just as much as the current 3D space does. So unless this means a whole new architecture, you’re probably just wasting your time to satisfy one kind of users in the short term at the cost of opening up yet another gaping maw that will bite you in the future… Anyway, that’s nothing I need to discuss with you publicly. You certainly know how to contact me, don’t you?

      [ There you go again Lutz – speaking before thinking again. Your voice has been heard. Extruded text is not for ‘Mylenium’. Got it. That was the point of exposing the research – to get feedback. At the same time, we haven’t by any stretch finished what we are working on – hence – NO ANNOUNCEMENT. Therefore, unless you have some other axe to grind, please know that your voice has been heard and I understand your position. However, the next time you want to slam down other users for expressing a different opinion – at least have the common courtesy of doing so from an informed position. -S. ]

        Hey, relax. No need to play the stiff-necked PM. And isn’t it funny, how you condemn my generalizations while allowing others… Geez!

Extruded Text in Ae? Finally?

Sorry no offending here, delete my post if you like, but i really would like to spend a week or two taking a look behind the scene of adobe research and dev-team on how you analyze (or have analyzed) the needs and feature requests from users worldwide from 10 years ago till now and how much is left from.
Seems that the new breed of thinking in your company is to go propietary at all costs.

just shaking my head …

[ No offense taken. Healthy debate is always a good thing. We obviously work hard to prioritize what can be done given time and resources. I think that given the previous comment from another user you can assume that at least 1 person would disagree with you. That being said – it’s just research at this point, and not the only ‘research’ that is conducted by the many folks working hard on AE. As for proprietary? Sorry – completely confused by what you mean on that one. -S. ]

    >Sorry – completely confused by what you mean on that one

    You know, there is ATI/ AMD users out there… I tend to agree here. Forcing the user ever more towards specific hardware vendors just so he is able to use specific features is pretty lame, considering that in doing so you also preclude other acceleration architectures like AMD’s Compute or what intel once developed as Larrabee. And let me be blunt here: For raytracing some cheesy extruded text in realtime I don’t need OptiX. I could do that already 8 years ago in FPrime+Lightwave running on a Pentium 4! And no doubt you are aware of the existence of iRay and similar realtime rendering solutions in other 3D programs….

    [ My dear ole grandma told me once… ‘please think before you speak, it saves so much time’. Lutz, I think that you are missing the point of a ‘research project’. We have not announced ANYTHING, in any product. I guess we could just not have bothered and not mentioned a thing as to what we are working on (kind of counter-intuitive though when trying LISTEN and solicit feedback). Probably would have saved you some ‘conclusion jumping typing’ though if you get my drift. -S ]

      Ah yes, and my mom loves to bake “research” cakes just to throw them away or feed them to the birds…. *lol* I’m not that gullable and neither will be most others. Nobody bothers to

      a) adapt to and learn a new API (OptiX)
      b) create a working prototype
      c) integrate it with an existing app

      if he doesn’t mean serious business. Now you can tell me that this may not come for CS6, but I sure think it’s coming somewhere down the road. And what it supports or not is of course open, but I sincerely hope the Mercury madness won’t happen all over again. AE at the heart of it being agnostic and independent of all this hardware acceleration stuff is one of it’s biggest advantages still and I’m sure you will have a lot of unhappy users if all it runs on is a 5000 Euro workstation with a dedicated graphics card of a specific vendor… That’s all I’m saying and it would do good, if Adobe didn’t lock itself into a specific mind set here.

        Sorry Steve but i have to agree fully with Lutz’ thoughts.

        Ae needs so many improvements that still have been left on the road to here but you guys (sorry) wasting your research time with something that has can be achived via script (see Ae-Scripts).

        Second but first: propietary hardware! Adobes snuggling with Nvidia is driving me really mad and driving A LOT of people mad.
        I really don’t know who is worse in case of not having their cutomers in focus, Apple or Adobe?

        Adobe products are not fun to use anymore. Shorter upgrade cycles. Bounded to propietary hardware. Usability and features taking several upgrade cycles. Partially built on old code/skeletal structures. Don’t listen to users. The list goes on.

        Two major players in the world of software creation, their products mean a lot to me, are disappointing with their roadmap – if there is any.

        [ I always love comments from the peanut gallery whom are too afraid to actually put their email address or name (…). Anyhow, I digress. Both you and Lutz A. have made your point and we have heard it loud and clear. I will make one last attempt at making mine. It’s just research at this point, and we do our best to prioritize based on feedback. Nothing has been announced for any product. It’s not the ONLY ‘research’ we are doing with AE. A simple ‘I don’t need this’, or a, ‘please support AMD’ would have sufficed. -S. ]

          >and we do our best to prioritize based on feedback.

          Forgive me when I don’t trust your “feedback”. Rewind a few months back, public survey: One of the questions was “How important would extruded text be to you?” or something along those lines. Smell something obviously manipulative in there? I certainly do…

          Stop whining about my mail adress. I won’t make any difference. I never received any enlightning answer by email from any Adobe Employee anyway.

          And yes, if you like it i’ll keeep my future complaints short and easy for you


          we have your business roadmap in focus, at least since 15 years., so please do not play tricks on us.

Having “real 3D” in AE seems to open more creative possibilities for me, beginner AE user than the 2.5D we have now. 3d particles might be more sexy than logo-text extrusions, but as you said, we have not seen everything 😀

But I would have to admit that, as a Mac user, I find the nVidia-only demo, and the CUDA improvements a bit alienating (unless it was Apple that decided to go with AMD seeing you guys work with nVidia), but I understand the driver/framework maturity decisions…

Again no offending here, but, one more thing …

says everything what we really need and below and on top of that.

and … one more thing

walk trough that massive amount of scripts and stop by a few and ask yourself why cannot doing this by a default built in option?
Found out today that i need (again) a script to ne able to copy/paste keyframes from multiple layers … sigh!

I think those few real-world examples already should make the future-roadmap clear!

We don’t need new features! We need improvement in usability and workflow!

Eat this!

Over and out!

[ Eat this? And you expect me to take you seriously? Wow – that’s constructive. -S. ]

    [Responding in private to you]
    You should force yourself and read in between the lines what people write and not the rants, there’s more information than you think.

    I’m seriously saying, if i look how many scripts i had to buy/download in the last two years just to accomplish the simpliest things, it really feels like a joke.

    Best part of them all is: In the beginning of I donated over 50 Euros to Paul Tuersley for a script that gives me the ability to change typo and it’s properties projectwide, with a one-klick solution!!!

    I was asking Adobe for an optimization/default option since back in 2005 over and over again.
    But no one there gave a shit ever. Alongside with many, many very neccessary workflow optimizations.

    I found there is on big problem in software development teams: there is no objective view anymore since you dig deeper and deeper into the product loosing sight and unnecessary implementations (not innovations) are finding their way into. I only remember “Brainstorm”. What a waste of a light bulb.

    Sorry Steve, I know you came to Adobe now carrying that heavy cross and mess that Michael Coleman left, but I just want to make sure that we, the users, are heard. So don’t be pissed about rants. Take em serious, give them people what they looking for. Don’t make this an option.

    I thought that the After Effect team lauched the “Just Do It” initiative of “simpler” features requests being implemented on certain coding days.

    Also, if AE implements most of the scripts you linked to, those excellent developpers might not want to continue to code for AE… they should be compensated somehow. It’s a double-edged sword, but I know what you mean in that these scripts do fill “empty spots” in the workflow.

    Wording the requests more constructively might lead in more chances for them to be implemented: you could list them by priority…
    Too bad the AE team does not have a feedback page, like Photoshop does…

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