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Steve, Rob, Vince and Me.

SUPER excited to announce that I get to share a stage with Steve Wozniak, Rob Legato and Vince Brisebois at NAB this year.

NAB 2012 Post Production World Keynote

NAB 2012 Post Production World Keynote

I think we are going to have some real fun talking about the future of technology and creativity with two of the most brilliant minds in their respective fields.  In case you have been living under a rock – Steve Wozniak helped create something called the personal computer when he co-founded a little company called Apple.  Steve is now the Chief Scientist at Fusion-io, and will be talking about a huge advance in technology that will impact our entire industry.

Rob Legato just won his second Academy Award for Visual effects this year for the fantastic Martin Scorsese film – Hugo.  Rob will be discussing how he feels these types of advances in technology will fuel the next generation of film and creativity.

Vince Brisebois and myself will be talking specifically about those advances and how you can use them. I’m also killer excited because it will be the first time in public that I get to explain what I believe to be one of the biggest advances to Adobe After Effects in over a decade.

If you are going to NAB – you will NOT want to miss this.

Here’s the link to check it out:


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Four of the great minds in multimedia come together…

Whow Steve, Good on you!! You and Wozniak on one bill, how cool is that! Too bad I’m not coming. But I’m sure I can watch the recording later.


“…one of the biggest advances to AE in over a decade.” Wow! Can’t wait to hear what it is! Makes me want to go to NAB!

Is there any significance that this announcement is going to be made on Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday? Food for thought…

Glad I bought my CS6 upgrade already. Can’t wait to learn what the new features are going to be…

I can’t wait for NBA and CS6

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