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Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) Compatibility

Mountain Lion has been released and many like myself will be doing the upgrade. ¬†We haven’t found any major issues, but have provided this FAQ:



How about LR4?

Be sure to check with vendors for your plug-ins and drivers for third-party I/O hardware to make sure that these bits of accessory software have been updated. The drivers, especially, may lag the initial OS release.

sorry, but under the provided FAQ link I can find only informations about Lion (10.7). Or am I totally confused can’t find the correct line…?

[Link goes to shortcut for 10.8 compatibility amongst a larger FAQ. -S]

Issue happens in CS5 after Mountain Lion Upgrade 10.8
when using CS5 to save files via a SMB connection to a Windows Server the following error is displayed “could not save filename due to a program error”
however file save functionality in other programs / finder succeeds as expected with no issue.

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