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free videos from After Effects CS6 Learn by Video, from video2brain

The fine folks at video2brain have just posted some sample videos from the 10+ hours of video training in After Effects CS6: Learn By Video, which I recorded with my partner Angie Taylor. Angie and I also worked together on the previous version, After Effects CS5 Learn By Video, and I was delighted to be able to work with her again.

This DVD and book provide an introduction to After Effects that is designed to bring you from the beginner level to the intermediate level, as well as to warn and educate you about all of the common pitfalls and gotchas in After Effects.

Here are some free videos to give you an idea of what is included in this extensive video training series:

You can also check out free sample video tutorials from After Effects CS5 Learn By Video, nearly all of which are also relevant for After Effects CS5.5, CS6, and CC.

Also, my entire two-hour series about what’s new and changed in After Effects CS6 is free on the video2brain website.


Todd, thanks for the link to the new features video. That’s a really nice overview of what to look for. That camera tracker looks impressive.

I have your premiere pro cs6 disc and now I’m thinking I would like to learn AE6.
Not being a young guy anymore I’m somewhat worried that even the beginning will be way above my head.
I know what a time line is but the AE terminology worries me. Question. Does the course assume no previous knowledge or training on AE ?
Is there facility to ask simple questions ? Sometimes the simplest thing can cause a problem in understanding !
Chris Martin.

    Here’s the best place to start to learn After Effects:

    That page links to a bunch of resources, the first few of which are for people with no experience with After Effects at all.

    If you bring questions and issues to the After Effects forum, we can help you there:

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