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moving to a new job on the After Effects team

I’ve moved to a new job on the After Effects quality engineering team.

What does this mean for you?

It means that I won’t be posting as AdobeAE on Twitter or managing the After Effects Facebook page. I’m handing those tasks over to a group of my colleagues, who will continue to post tutorials, articles, news, et cetera, as well as help to direct you to the best places to get answers.

Speaking of the best places to get answers, I’ll still be active (perhaps even more so) on the After Effects user-to-user forum. So, if you have a question or problem regarding After Effects, come to the user-to-user forum, and we can help you there.

I’ll also continue to post on this blog, so be sure to subscribe.

Finally, I’ll still be one of the folks encouraging you to submit bug reports and feature requests and then helping to process those submissions so that we can improve After Effects based on your feedback.


Todd, imagine how much time you just got handed to you on a silver platter! :)

    Yes, but I was also handed some other responsibilities on the same platter.

Congratulations Todd. Good to know you’ll still be part of the Ae team.
Best wishes,

Congrats Todd!!!! Great way to start a new year :)

Thanks for all your good work on social media. Your hard work has truly made a huge impact! Good to know you’ll still be hanging out on the forums. See you there!


Who will tweet about my blog posts now? D: Hehe – just kidding!
Thank you for all the awesome work with the AdobeAE twitter account Todd! I got so much great information out of all the articles and news and updates posted – for me as a social media nerd it was certainly one of the easiest ways to stay up to date with everything AE related :)
Good luck with your new role!


    My colleagues who have taken over the posting should be providing the same good stream of news and information. Feel free to send them a note on Twitter if you see something worth broadcasting.

Best wishes for your new ?secret? position in the AE team.

Will you get your own twitter account?

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