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After Effects and CINEMA 4D

I am super excited about this one – it’s been in the works for quite some time, and I finally get to share a few details.

Today, Adobe announced it is entering into a strategic alliance with MAXON, the makers of CINEMA 4D.

Here’s why we’re doing it:

  • After Effects works really well with CINEMA 4D. CINEMA 4D works really well with After Effects. The current interoperability exists between these two applications but, at a fundamental level, don’t really talk to each other in a way that’s super productive.
  • I’m a HUGE believer in a simple philosophy – ‘do what you know, and be the best at it’. Hand in hand with this idea means that you DON’T do a whole lot of stuff you don’t know. With this relationship announcement you have two companies who focus on being the very best at what they do.

The alliance between Adobe and MAXON allows us to be very creative in how After Effects and CINEMA 4D work together now and in the future. Both MAXON and Adobe care very deeply about our respective users and see great opportunities in terms of workflow, time savings and creative flexibility.

I wish I could go into more detail right now – but stay tuned. This area is about to get very exciting.




It will get exciting, indeed!

Awesome!am in already

Fantastic news!


Sweet. It’s like finding out 2 people you work with are dating!

Can you fix it that when objects with External Compositing tags come in to AE as nulls, that I don’t have to reset the anchor point to 0, 0 from 50, 50.



    Hey zedzero:

    That was fixed long ago. Not sure what version you are on. The External Compositing tag lets you set the anchor point before exporting.

      Really?! Oh yeah… I feel kinda dumb now.

To say i am excited about this is an understatement !

Im super excited this! Can’t wait, Interested to see what could they do. Dynamic link between C4D and AE like with Photoshop. Update the scene in C4D, Save, and will update in AE? possibilities are endless!

    THIS would be helpful!

Thanks god, it’s not 1st of April!

Cinema 4d CS6.5 Edition?

“Strategic Alliance” makes it seem like there should be Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” playing while the post is read – but this news is seems like it should have a love song attached instead. :)
‘music to my ears'; loopOut()

This is the one thing Adobe was missing. I sense a buy-out…ala Macromedia and Aldus. Oh please put it in the Creative Cloud!

    Buyout would be disastrous. Let Cinema be Cinema, and Adobe be Adobe – that’s the point. MAXON does really well, so rather than Adobe taking on the job itself, it can allow MAXON to do what it does best, leaving Adobe to do what it does best.

    I’d hate to see a buyout. Like having a chain come buy your local coffee shop, or close your indie bookseller or something. Adobe is great…at being Adobe.

Would be great if Adobe could convince Maxon to come up with a subscription plan similar to Creative Cloud. Cinema 4D is great, but it’s kind of pricey. Even their upgrade policy isn’t particularly attractive. Studio package is $3700 for full version. Upgrade (even from previous version) is $3500. Definitely a great product but hard to swallow the cost if you’re a smaller operation, especially if you’re just using it for motion graphics support in AE and not full out 3D animation.

    Hey Sean:

    You might want to call our sales team or one of our resellers. The retail cost of Studio is $3695 (US), but also have Prime ($995) Broadcast ($1695) and Visualize ($2295) editions if you don’t need the full package.

    As far as upgrades, we do not have any upgrade that costs $3500. And, currently there is a special going on for people with older versions ($1995).

      You’re right, Paul. I misread the upgrade cost. Must have been looking at the competitive side grade offer. My apologies. I do think you guys would do great with a monthly subscription plan like Adobe’s though. I imagine there are a lot of smaller operations out there that would love to get a hold of Cinema 4D but might be hesitating b/c of initial investment. Regardless, you guys do make a great product and it will be interesting to see what develops through this “strategic alliance”.

Good news, I hope. I’m really hoping Adobe can learn a thing or two from Maxon on how a graphic interface and a help system should really work. And I hope and prey to the VFX gods that Adobe doesn’t force it’s system onto C4D and screw it up. I hope I hope I hope. Please, Adobe, don’t mess with my favorite software. Learn from the Maxon team. They really understand how to build a GUI that is really useable.

    Better software interaction would be great. Adobe owning Cinema4D would not.

yes yes yes!!!

Realtime synced cameras between AE and C4D would be a dream come true!


Wait and see…. There are so often great looking announcements…. and results are away from the advertising campaign….

wow m super excited! Interested to see what could they do :)

Hope that the compatibility will go further than after effect only : Using Illustrator 8 files ONLY, with lot of tips to make it work well in C4D is kind of frustrating…

This step for us is very important and we want to deliver the best tool set for Motion Designers. It will get exciting be sure!!!

Awesome news! Can’t wait to see what comes out of this alliance.

Love to see a lite version of C4D w/CS6.5, specifically for times we need to do quick motion elements. Outside of that, could care less about C4D partnering with Adobe as their tool is too expensive for our shop’s on and off needs.

Awesome. Can’t wait to see what develops between these two creative companies. Is there any discussion of more closely integrating C4D and Photoshop, perhaps in the realm of Body Paint and/or PS Extended’s 3D features?

After effects needs a cut down c4d or similar…oh and a controllable camera :)
Look at the growing competition, I want c4d for my company but simply cannot justify the price for the sector I work.

Congrats Steve and Paul! AE + C4D is indeed a match made in heaven!

The will be awesome! Its almost like transformation of two super bots to a huge killer bot!

Awesome!am in already
Can’t wait to see what develops between these two creative companies. Is there any discussion of more closely integrating C4D and Photoshop, perhaps in the realm of Body Paint and/or PS Extended’s 3D features?

YES !!! it has been necessary now and I am glad that such alliance is going to be build between maxon and adobe.

would be nice to have a better licensing scheme for the both of them as well. Simple and to the point. Would be nice to have live connection between the two programs for streaming updates. Would be nice to update bodypaint to something more in the lines of Mari. Would be nice to give After Effects the abilit to render to the Maxon renderengine.

very good

will Cinema 4D on adobe cloud ?

Hm. I hate to say this, but we are mainly working with Maya and 3ds Max as they are market leaders and fully integrated into our bigger clients workflow. We do have a growing Blender section for small Indy projects. But we never had the need for cinema 4d which was always not sufficient enough for our needs and not demanded by our customers. Despite that we have several editions of the production suite working and would have loved to see a general integration of market leading 3d softwares. Now this takes another route and we will see if we will be faced with additional costs for cinema 4d trainigs for the staff and licenses.

The integration of Cineware in Ae And C4D is a mayor leap and I can’t wait to buy It

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