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Introducing the new After Effects CC

Today at our Adobe MAX conference we officially launched the next iteration of Creative Cloud that will be available June 17th. Although we have been talking about the next version since NAB – we can now give you the complete details.

Todd Kopriva has a great breakdown of what we revealed in Las Vegas last month – as well as some new stuff we didn’t show that is part of the new After Effects CC.

What we also announced is that we are moving fully behind Creative Cloud as we release all new features in our creative tools.

To be clear – all new features are part of Creative Cloud that each member gets as part of their subscription. For those who still prefer the traditional model, CS 6 is still be available for you, today and in the future.

I talk to After Effects users constantly. I hear loud and clear what works, what doesn’t and where people want to see After Effects go.

One thing I heard VERY consistently was the positive impact Creative Cloud made when we introduced it just over a year ago.


1 – Economics

Many After Effects artists use After Effects to make a living. Getting access to After Effects , Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., without large cash outlays are a very big deal.

2 – Access

How we update is about to dramatically change. We love to hear what you want and need in After Effects. In the past we had to prioritize features based on our yearly cadence and many features just never got done due to other priorities.

Now we can make updates many times per year with new features and improvements without having to wait for the ‘launch’ once per year.

This means the relationship between those who build the tool (us) and those who use it (you) can get a whole lot closer.

3 – More than tools

It’s community and collaboration. In the past you had to be where the work was. Not anymore. More artists are doing work for clients without any regard to geographic location. Peers help each other in ways they have never done before.

After Effects has been successful because of the community around it. Our goal is to make Creative Cloud the centre of the creative community. It’s not just tools – it’s how you do what you do, who you do it for and with.

Check out Behance as part of Creative Cloud to get an idea. I’m completely blown away with the sheer volume of motion graphics work currently on Behance.

4 – Breaking down barriers

As Todd mentions in his blog post – check out how we use Creative Cloud to remove barriers as you move from workstation to workstation – even a machine you don’t own.  This is just a first step – expect to see many more.

For any questions about Creative Cloud – please check out this FAQ.

This is a very big deal. I’m really proud what we accomplished with After Effects CC – and we’ve only just begun.



Am I to understand that I will no longer be able to purchase After Effects outright and will only receive upgrades by joining a cloud service? I intentionally spent money to own my copy of CS6 Production Suite. I have absolutely no interest in consigning my work to the cloud, yours or anyone else’s. I hope there will be an upgrade path for those of us hat are interested in more discretionary purchase and use of applications.

[You can still purchase CS6 in a perpetual license – but since you have that this point is probably not relevant. To be clear – you still install the applications, work locally and don’t have to sync anything with Creative Cloud at all if you don’t want. The only requirement is that your computer is connected to the internet 1 time per month to validate you are still a subscriber. That’s the ONLY key difference (beside all the other cloud features) between CS and CC. -S]

    I am with Lindsay on this. Upon seeing your promotion in November for 30% off Production Premium CS6 or a discounted Creative Cloud membership for the first year, I did the math for my budget, now and long-term, assuming that the option to pay for each upgrade would always be available; my choice in the end was to buy CS6 by itself and not use Adobe CC. I feel I have spent much more money than I should have for the ability to use Production Premium CS6 if I could have just signed up for Adobe CC right then and there; should I have known that you would be discontinuing the pay-per-upgrade model, I wouldn’t have bothered with buying CS6 on its own. This is very disconcerting. I also find it mildly disturbing that you’re still selling CS6 by itself, luring those who want CS6 (and future upgrades) without Adobe CC into a trap by not allowing them to upgrade in the future without then subscribing to Adobe CC.

    I understand that this change is already in place and obviously not up for discussion, but I find this forceful move to the Adobe CC platform as pretty deceptive.

    [First, we do try to make the transitions as graceful as possible. Understand your situation, but I think it impossible to look back on any technology purchase with regret once a new product offering is available. I’ve been in the same situation myself when I bought a new laptop and a month later it was updated rendering my still new laptop obsolete. That being said – we are making CS6 available still not as a ‘trap’, but as means to say to folks who are not comfortable with a subscription that there still is an alternative. We will be updating CS6 with patches (not features) for the foreseeable future. -S]

    I agree with Lindsay and Craig. As a small independent producer, I am totally in favor of ownership and oppose not being given an option at least. CC is an excellent move for large/ corporate clients with deep pockets but abysmal for everyone else. All the mid size or small businesses, who truly can’t afford CC, will be at the teet of Adobe. CC is in it’s initial offering, what happens when Adobe unilaterally, because it’s their product, decides to raise the monthly charge? What about the users who are unfamiliar with the software? Imaging the bill users will incur during their learning curve. I would rather own software with periodic updates to learn at my leisure as opposed to feel like I’m on the clock all the time. Another bill? That’s just what I needed. I suppose the only way to truly show my displeasure is to not purchase CC no matter what new features Adobe dangles in front of me. The boycott is officially on. For now I’ll stick with my boxed CS6.

    [ Ironically, I think one of the biggest benefits of Creative Cloud is for the small independent producer that don’t have deep pockets. In fact I will argue that if you know what you are doing – Creative Cloud is essentially free. My perspective is from running a small business for 15 years before coming to Adobe.

    1st – Cash is blood for a small business. A small monthly fee vs 1 time large cash outlay is always preferable from a cash-flow perspective.

    2nd – Bill your client. It’s hard to bill a 1 time per year cash outlay to your client (which one gets it?), vs your subscription is much easier to bill (such as what you would do for stock footage etc).

    3rd – Taxes. Instead of doing the complicated math to amortize a capital purchase over a set period of time, Creative Cloud is an easy tax deduction both as COGS and professional memberships.

    So your telling me that *FREE* is a bad thing? -S]

I bought Cs5 Master Suite, and upgraded to Cs6 directly from Adobe for $525 last year. That breaks down to $43.75 per month, and the software is mine to keep forever. CC Master is $49 per month, and if I stop paying the software dies. I hate this idea.

[ Actually, since you bought CS5 Master Collection you can take advantage of the $29.99 Creative Cloud membership which is $13.76 per month cheaper than your last upgrade. -S]

If my company changes to another graphics suite for any reason, we will have to continue to pay rent to access old projects. Instead of keeping the old software with the old files at no expense, we will be paying for the right to read our own archived files. Shame on you, Adobe.

[ Obviously I disagree. I understand your concern, as I am assuming your are talking about our project formats (.aep, .prproj etc) and not media format that you generate. In fact, if you are no longer a member and decide that you have to open a project – you could subscribe for a single month – open your projects and convert them to something else, then cancel again. That’s pretty inexpensive frankly. Also – I should point out that you get all versions of our software starting from CS6 when we introduced Creative Cloud. This means say in 5 years from now you are not a creative cloud subscriber and you found an old project file. By subscribing for a single month – you could download any version of the application starting from CS6 and open your file. -S]

Also, like many anti-piracy systems, CC holds the potential to accidentally disable users software due to licensing malfunction. I’m worried that some hacker in China will sell short on Adobe, then hack the authentication server and kill everyone’s Photoshop at the same time. CC is a single point of failure.

[ This is not an anti-piracy system. In fact, anti-piracy was not a primary motivator for this new model at all. I do take your point about single point of failure, HOWEVER, this is why we have a connectivity grace period (say you are not online or cannot connect for some reason) of 99 days to authenticate a subscription. In fact to really make sure we hammer this home – we are moving this 180 days in the future (just in case your on location in antarctica for 6 months). -S]

I see no benefit in CC, and many disadvantages. Adobe should be looking to customer needs, not squeezing us for eer increasing fees for less value.

[Ultimately, I think we have a VERY strong offering, but you are the final decision maker. I completely disagree with your statement that there are no benefits, but hope that I can answer any questions you may have to change your mind. -S]

I’m quite disapointed by the fact that this is being presented to customers so shortly before the CS is discontinued.
As a student I used my University’s CS until I could afford a couple months ago to buy my own Master Collection. Had I known that buying a CS would not allow me to get an upgrade pricing on CS7 or CS8, I would never have bought it and would have chosen the CC subscription which represents only half the price of my CS if I remember properly.
I wouldn’t complain about all this if CS owners weren’t urged to switch to CC in the next three months in order to get a discount. In the past you allowed upgrades steps of two or three versions, why couldn’t e.g. CS6 owners have the right to get a 40%-off CC subscription when we decide to switch in 2014 or 2015?

I’m glad to hear we’ll have access to legacy versions from this point forward. I’ve been on CC for a year, and it’s great, no problems, very easy to login and download/install. I much prefer the monthly fee to an upfront cost for the year, and it’s about the same amount that we would spend on upgrades for the year anyways.

One thing I’m a bit disappointed by was the promise of feature updates, and I hope this will be better in the future. I sort of feel like they stuck to the yearly cycle of updating with a list of major updates (probably easier from a marketing perspective for new users and news cycles), and that wasn’t what I was expecting with what we were told originally CC would be. Take for example right now – we all have to wait until June for AFX CC et al to be out. Why the wait? Why isn’t AFX being slowly updated week by week to add the new features? Sure, I understand some things you are still beta testing, but some of it was ready for NAB, why hold back? Feels a bit too much like a traditional software release cycle than the ‘future’ of subscription based where we get a slow roll out of new features every few weeks.

But I’m sure we are all agreed that we are looking forward to getting our hands on the new version!

I want you guys to improve the way how the monthly membership works.
If i purchase a monthly mebership, I have to pay 92,24 Euros, to be able to cancel subscription whenever I want to, because I make my living based on erratic projects.

The first time I bought the monthly subscription, and canceled after the project was done, the troubele started. Adobe wants me to keep on subscribing month to mond and sending me automated mails that my subscription ends soon, but i dactivated it already in my CC membership settings. The second time i wanted to continue subscription on another project, strangely enough I had to start over from a complete new subscription and Adobe just “stole” a whole week off my monthly subscription for the same fee!!??

The whole subscription website and system needs a major overhaul ragarding user-friendliness. Also Pricing inbetween different countries is still unacceptable!! I’m working with all CC Software in English. As an example, why I have to pay 34,90 Euros on top according to people in the US!??
The subscription would cost me only 57,34 Euro ($ 74,99), instead I have to pay 92,24 Euros ($ 120,62) and that’s a bunch of money. What kind of half-baked scheme is this?

Fair answer please.

So my massively expensive CS6 purchase was a waste of money, as I can never upgrade it? You want me to *rent* upgrades from you, for a price you can raise at any time, and I’ll have to keep paying you all the time I want to work in the industry?

I have a very simple message to Adobe: You will not see another cent of my money until you reverse this decision.

Der Mr. Forde, why my comments always been deleted?
If my questions are too arkward (which I don’t think), feel free to reply to my e-mail adress.

Thank you.

I think this is an awesome move!
As a freelance artist, this model of payment helps me manage my cash. And i can stay updated all the time. Also looking forward to the cineware workflow.

Hey Steve, it’s June 17! How’s the CC version of AE coming along?

I’ve just joined CC, and I’d like to do an AE/C4D demo at a user group tomorrow night.


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