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Nvidia CUDA driver update fixes crashes for After Effects and other applications

We are seeing reports that the Nvidia CUDA 5.5.47 update released today addresses crashing problems introduced by the CUDA 5.5.43 update.

So, if you have an Nvidia GPU, please update your drivers to use the most recent version of the CUDA driver.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT install CUDA drivers on computer systems that do not have an Nvidia GPU! If you have done so, then you must uninstall the CUDA framework from your system. If you have CUDA software installed on a computer that does not have Nvidia CUDA-capable hardware, bad things happen, including crashes.

On Mac OS, you can update your version of the CUDA driver from the CUDA panel, available from the Mac OS System Preferences. For CUDA downloads, see the Nvidia website.

Feel free to let us know on this forum thread whether or not this update is working for you.

Also, make sure that you have installed the most recent updates for your Adobe video applications.


Hi Todd,

Thanks for the post. It would appear that you are referring to the Mac version of CUDA, which is currently only available as the 5.5.28 installer. Once installed, after restarting, you can access the CUDA panel in System Preferences. From here, you can install the update to 5.5.47.

I’ve just gone through a clean Mavericks install, so I experienced this today.

For Windows, Am I correct in my understanding that no special CUDA installation (beyond installing up-to-date NVidia display drivers) is necessary to enable CUDA in Adobe apps?

    That’s correct, Carey.

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