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After Effects CC 2015 (13.5) revealed

For details about these changes, see this page. This week, we’re revealing what’s coming soon in the next major update to After Effects CC. Creative Cloud Libraries: The integration of the Creative Cloud Libraries panel gives you access within After Effects to shared assets such as graphics, color swatches, color Looks, and more from Photoshop, […]

Adobe Character Animator revealed

A few months ago, we showed a sneak-peek of a work in progress that we were referring to as Project Animal. We’re now revealing Adobe Character Animator, the newest addition to the Adobe Creative Cloud family of applications. Adobe Character Animator brings still image artwork from Photoshop or Illustrator to life by capturing your performance […]

updated Keylight plug-in available for After Effects CC and After Effects CC 2014

An updated version of the Keylight for After Effects plug-in is available from The Foundry. To get the plug-in, go to this Keylight download page on The Foundry’s web site. You will need to first sign in or create a free account with The Foundry. Keylight 1.2v16 fixes a bug that caused the Colour Balance Wheel to not appear […]

simple workarounds and fixes for two biggest causes of After Effects crashes

We have been monitoring crash rates for After Effects since we released After Effects CC 2014.2 (13.2) a few weeks ago, and we see that the two top causes of crashes have rather simple workarounds/fixes that you can do. See below for details. Thanks again to everyone who submits crash reports and gives as much […]

After Effects CC 2014.2 (13.2): what’s new and changed in this update

After Effects CC 2014.2 (13.2) is available. If you have a Creative Cloud membership, you always have access to the latest version of After Effects. Ideally, you should install the updates automatically through the Creative Cloud desktop application or by choosing Help > Updates, but you can also directly download the update packages from the […]

using the Enter key with the eyedropper tool to sample colors outside of After Effects

Here’s a tip that may save you a couple of clicks while working in After Effects: when you use the eyedropper tool in After Effects and you want to sample a color that is outside of the After Effects user interface, press the Return or Enter key on your keyboard instead of clicking the mouse […]

error (21::31) when you start After Effects on Mac OS 10.9 and later after editing the keyboard shortcut file

If you use TextEdit on Mac OS 10.9 or later to edit the After Effects keyboard shortcuts file, you may receive an error similar the following the next time you start After Effects: After Effects error: preferences file “Adobe After Effects 13.1 Mac en_US Shortcuts.txt” contains an unexpected value on line 142, ” “Twirl” = […]

tip: writing to the disk cache during renders through the render queue

One thing that makes After Effects work much faster is the persistent disk cache, which makes it so that After Effects can retrieve rendered items from disk rather than re-rendering items each time they are needed. (For details about the RAM cache and persistent disk cache, see this video by me on One thing […]

GoPro CineForm codec settings in After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014

The CC 2014.1 releases of After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Adobe Media Encoder introduced the ability to natively decode and encode QuickTime (.mov) files using the GoPro CineForm codec on Mac OS and Windows, meaning that you do not need to install additional codecs to use and create such files. When encoding GoPro CineForm movies, two different […]

After Effects good to go with Mac OSX v10.10 (Yosemite)

We have tested the following versions of After Effects on Mac OSX v10.10 (Yosemite) and found that they function normally on this operating system, with only a few known issues as noted below: After Effects CC 2014 (13.0, 13.1, 13.1.1) After Effects CC (12.2.1) After Effects CS6 (11.0.4) As long as you’re updating your operating […]