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Product Manager Steve Forde shares his thoughts on After Effects and the motion graphics/visual effects market.

CS6 – Just getting started..

This year marked my 11th NAB (thats enough trips to Vegas for 11 lifetimes ;)), and OMG – wow.  We had so many folks at the Adobe booth, NAB officials had to ask us to disperse the crowd due to fire regulations. Interesting problem to solve!

All in all though – I couldn’t have been happier with the response to Ae CS6 along with Pr and the rest of Production Premium CS6.  Listening to professionals and building software that meets their needs is paramount, and I’m ecstatic that this approach has been validated a million times over with CS6.

To that end – I’m also SUPER excited to be a part of an announcement tomorrow (Monday, April 23rd) around CS6 and Creative Cloud.  Here’s the link:

Hint: There’s lots of cool stuff – BUT – there is a jaw dropper I can’t wait to see what people think.


CS6 Production Premium – Revealed

Wow.  What a year.  All I can say it has been an absolute BLAST putting together Ae CS 6 with the team in Seattle, as well as working with the rest of the whole Professional Video crew here at Adobe.  After Effects CS 6 (along with the rest of Production Premium) is huge, dramatically different and to me – insanely cool.  Here’s the link with more detail:

This is just a start.  NAB starts soon and over the next week you are going to get a ton more detail on everything thats coming.  In the meantime – check out the intro videos as well as the ‘What’s Inside’ links in the right hand column on the CS 6 reveal page.

Personally, this past year has been killer rewarding.  I get to work with fantastic folks all over the planet, and the end result… you finally get to see NOW.


Steve, Rob, Vince and Me.

SUPER excited to announce that I get to share a stage with Steve Wozniak, Rob Legato and Vince Brisebois at NAB this year.

NAB 2012 Post Production World Keynote

NAB 2012 Post Production World Keynote

I think we are going to have some real fun talking about the future of technology and creativity with two of the most brilliant minds in their respective fields.  In case you have been living under a rock – Steve Wozniak helped create something called the personal computer when he co-founded a little company called Apple.  Steve is now the Chief Scientist at Fusion-io, and will be talking about a huge advance in technology that will impact our entire industry.

Rob Legato just won his second Academy Award for Visual effects this year for the fantastic Martin Scorsese film – Hugo.  Rob will be discussing how he feels these types of advances in technology will fuel the next generation of film and creativity.

Vince Brisebois and myself will be talking specifically about those advances and how you can use them. I’m also killer excited because it will be the first time in public that I get to explain what I believe to be one of the biggest advances to Adobe After Effects in over a decade.

If you are going to NAB – you will NOT want to miss this.

Here’s the link to check it out:


Act of Valor Premiere

This is cool – Act of Valor, worked on by longtime Adobe partners Bandito Brothers had a fantastic premiere in LA this week:

Here’s also a video from the premiere:

Act of Valor premiere (Navy SEALs) from Adobe professional video on Vimeo.


50% off Production Premium is back!

The special to switch to Premiere Pro from Final Cut or Media Composer is back.  Check it out:


Render Engines and the Joy of LEGAL obligations – Part 2

Before I have an ‘Occupy After Effects’ movement on my front lawn – I wanted to provide some clarity on the decision we made, and why we made it.  For reference:

First off – this decision was not made while we chomp our cigars with feet on desk counting cash.  It was a legal requirement that came in at the 11th hour of CS 5.5 for which we had no capability to rectify in the timeframe (and still have reliable / stable software).  It’s that simple. No conspiracy.  No cash grab.  Simply making sure we are playing by the rules and not breaking the law.

Did we like it? – hell no.  Are we doing something about it? – hell yes.  Can I tell you what that is? – unfortunately – not at this time. (isn’t this fun?)

We cannot disclose what we are doing about it as we would also be breaking another set of financial and legal rules that every public company in existence MUST follow – not just Adobe.

Again – it is not the answer I would like to give – but it’s the truth.

What I am really happy about through all this though are 2 things:

1. People care enough to let us know when they think we are doing something wrong.

2. The render engine sure gets a LOT of use!

Therefore – please understand the current licensing issue for the render engine is not what we want, and is not some conspiracy to make a few more bucks.  That we are exploring ways to get to a viable solution sometime in the near future that gets back to an easy way to deploy the render engine – while still meeting those pesky legal obligations.


3D workflow with AE

Wanted to do a shout out to 2 companies that have really been going all out in terms of their workflows with AE.  In September, Autodesk released a new compositor link feature for AE that works with 3ds Max.  What blew me away was it can create a link between the two applications, so if you make a change in one application, you can see the change in the other.  Check out:

A few weeks ago, Maxon, the makers of Cinema 4D came out with an update to their plugin for AE which allows you to literally create a .c4d file from within AE. Combined with the ability to make a .aep within Cinema 4D – you have great interop when jumping back and forth between the applications.

What this means?  Any method that can streamline the process of going from an idea to what you see on the screen, irrespective of tools is paramount in my book.  Both companies produce GREAT products.  Check it out.


What we do with Feature Requests

Adobe’s Todd Kopriva jotted this down before he heads out for a much deserved break. He mentions the top feature requests we receive and some thoughts on what we are doing / have done with them.

I have mentioned before we take them VERY seriously.  Therefore – please feel free to comment either here or on Todd’s blog and let us know what you think!

Vincent Laforet talks Adobe Production Premium

Was trading emails with good mate John Nack and he noted this video of Vincent Laforet talking about how he relies on AE, Premiere Pro, Story and more..:


What say you?

We have put together an EXTREMELY short survey (2 questions!) to get your feedback on the value of AE CS 5.5.  This is a really important tool for us to measure your opinion on the value of After Effects.

We will draw for 2 free copies of CS 5.5 Production Premium – so be sure to leave your name and email if you want to get in the draw.

Thanks from the entire AE team!



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