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Ae & Terry Coolidge

Ae & Terry CoolidgeI enrolled as an Illustration student at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in the early 90s specifically to pursue a career as a computer graphics artist. My primary interest was 3D animation, so I took as many Alias classes in the SGI lab as I could. Since I had room in my schedule for a few other computer classes, I signed up for Interactive Media Design with Lynda Weinman.

Lynda was a fantastic teacher which led me to look and see what else she taught. “Motion Graphics” sounded interesting since the course description mentioned “animation,” so I figured I would give it a try. I had never heard of CoSA After Effects, but Lynda’s course gave me a firm foundational understanding of the program. I enjoyed the class but soon returned to focusing on 3D thinking I wouldn’t be using After Effects again.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I had just finished my first significant 3D visualization project for Walt Disney Imagineering following a year of creating 3D environments for Disney Interactive. As I was listening to a fellow Imagineer describe what he wanted out of me by the end of the next month, I thought, “there’s no way I can pull this off in 3D in the amount of time I have.”

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Ae & Michele Yamazaki

Michele Yamazaki photoHow do you become a Pluginologist? For me, it’s been a journey that started in 1995 when I went to work at Postworks as a motion graphics artist. For 10 years I learned After Effects on the job. I used it daily and I just loved it. I had a website called AE Freemart, which was about tricks I learned or gleaned from the AE-Listserv and elsewhere on the web. This was before YouTube, and Google wasn’t nearly as good as it is now, so it was not as easy to share information.

I was an affiliate of Toolfarm and doing okay selling plug-ins through links on AE Freemart, but it was a lot of work and I was ready to give it up. Toolfarm had just been taken over by the current owners and they were putting the company back together. They had approached me about buying AE Freemart and I jumped at it. They also asked if I would be willing to come on board as a web developer. I have now been with Toolfarm since 2005. I’ve been demoing plug-ins in After Effects at user groups, trade shows, and in Webinars over the past 8 years. Also, in 2011 I wrote the book “Plug-in to After Effects.”

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Ae & Dennis Radeke

dennisPrior to using it, I had looked at After Effects from afar for quite a while.  It was powerful and a little bit intimidating but also very attractive.  Seductive. It was empowering.  I thought it was “painting with all of the colors.”  While working at a professional video reseller, I remember After Effects back in version 3.1. An Adobe person visited and was talking about the port to Windows and new features and asking the question, “What else do we put in there?  It already does everything!”  Yeah, he wasn’t being overly prophetic was he? 😉

Several years had passed since that time and I was now considering a job offer from Adobe.  Like many people, I built a ‘pros and cons’ list about the job.  Under the Pros column I very seriously wrote, ‘Adobe will actually pay me to learn After Effects!’  Remember, this was before the explosion of free online video tutorials!  Back then, I meant it and even though I don’t get to spend as much time with it today any more, it still remains my favorite.

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Ae & Issame NAHHALI

Ae & Issame NAHHALIBefore After Effects: My Story of Motion Graphics

During my beginnings in video production, I’ve always had the urge to play around with special effects. The ideas that I would come up with in my mind for super-powered action scenes were endless. Watching special effect heavy movies didn’t subside my urge any more. In college, I tried experimenting with some, but Windows Movie Maker wasn’t made for special FX back then (or ever). Nonetheless, I was still determined to create something mind-blowing for my young audience. That’s when I learned about the powerful special effects/motion graphics program, ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS.

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AE & Ross Shain

AE & Ross Shain20 years. Wow…in a culture that loves to build things up to tear them down, this is quite an achievement. Congratulations to the team at Adobe!

My name is Ross Shain and I’m the Chief Marketing Officer of Imagineer Systems, developers of mocha planar tracking software and partners with Adobe. I’ve had an interesting career in post-production: working on the creative side as VFX compositor/motion designer and on the technical side in software development. After Effects has pretty much been with me all the way and in many ways has played a big part in my life.

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Ae & Carey Dissmore

careyI’ve always thought it’s good to look back as long as you don’t get stuck in the past. But wow, After Effects is 20! If ever there’s a time to look back, I’d say this is it.

My first exposure to Ae was in 1993. I was 25 years old, freelancing as an editor on a gig within a large corporation. They had an impressive facility with studios, audio booths, and an “online” A/B roll editing suite driving Beta SP video decks, switcher, DVE, Chyron…the works. Computers certainly did not dominate video production back then, but there was one geeky guy in the department who had set up a Mac running CoSA After Effects in a corner of a back room used to store props and boxes. It sat next to an SGI Indigo that had been put out to pasture. He was working on an animated intro for the show I was hired to cut.

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After Effects 20th Anniversary Party


After Effects is in its 20th year and the team had a bash in celebration. It wasn’t the red carpet event that you’d imagine. It was in a hole-in-the-wall bar in Seattle with beer and other non-exotic cocktails, a cake (for Trish Meyer’s birthday, not ours) and a lot of smiles and high-fives. We had guests come from all over the world and as far as Germany and Sweden! Long-time gurus, Chris and Trish Meyer and Mark Christiansen, traveled to Seattle just for the party. And, for added fun, Brian Maffitt skyped in for the occasion. Thank you for honoring us and celebrating a major milestone with us.

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Ae & Animotion | Joost van der Hoeven

joost2After art school, in the mid 90’s, I got my first job as a junior motion graphics designer working on expensive hardware. The frustrating part of my work was that I could not really use those systems to design freely, as the expensive hardware was always booked. I wanted to find a tool that worked on a desktop PC and that could serve to design/prototype when I had a creative flow, not when I was booked at the kit.

Dreaming about this I went to the IBC tradeshow in Amsterdam in 1997. There on the show floor was a girl with a zillion earrings and a blue mohawk showing some software that caught my attention. The girl was no one less then Angie Taylor, and the software was After Effects. It was love at first sight (sorry, not for Angie 😉 ).

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Ae & Tim Kurkoski

tim_kurkoski_headshot_editedI was asked how After Effects has impacted my career. There is a valid argument that After Effects is my career.

I was the distracted student who doodled starships in the margins of his homework assignments. I spent half of high school sniffing fixer in the darkroom. My ambition was to work for ILM or be a Disney Imagineer. But my plan to go to film school fizzled out. Instead I studied software engineering for a couple of years. I moved back home when the isolation of college in a small mountain town got the better of me.

Young and aimless and eager to move out of my parents’ house, I took a job taking tech support phone calls.

“Hi, my name is Tim, how can I help you? Your printer isn’t working? Is it plugged in?”

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Ae & Dean Velez

deanpic“ A hard beginning maketh a good ending.” ~John Heywood

Born in 1970 to a lower middle class family in the Bronx, my youth saw me succumb to the pressures of life in the inner city–alcohol, drugs, violence, truancy and eventually dropping out of school at 15.

All was not lost for I possessed a spark of talent and the dream of working in art. This drove me to get my GED at 17 and attend art school. In college I discovered the world of art isn’t easy. I was an average student at best, and barely graduated. I left college with a degree in Advertising Design… and a pregnant wife.

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