Paint/Clone on Movies in Photoshop Tip

Well, can I say that after years of prodding the Photoshop team for more video features, they really pulled it off this time. They always surprise us every release with new features, but there are some extra special ones in PS Extended in CS3, and one of them is opening a movie or sequence in Photoshop. The feedback on this at NAB in the booth was overwhelming….”Holy S–T, are you kidding me?” was the normal response when I demo’d it. I had a chance to speak with John Nack (has a great blog) and the 2 engineers who pioneered this new feature at NAB this April and after sharing your collective responses to them they, to say the least, grinned like proud parents…..and rightly so! After Effects has great Paint and Clone capabilities, but always wanting more, especially in the film business having all of the PS tools available opens up new territories.

You can open .mov files or image sequences in Photoshop CS3 Extended and use all of the paint or clone tools options. For painting/cloning on video the animation timeline works well, for both working on Video/Movies/Film, but another great feature is the ability to create a blank video layer and create frame by frame animation using the paint/clone tools…not forgetting here the wealth of filters available as well.

So here is the tip of the day…..there isn’t a keyboard shortcut to advance or step through frame by frame as in AE’s page up and page down (please request this as a feature for next release), but if you go into Edit – Keyboard Shortcuts – Animation Timeline – GoTo, you can set Next Frame and Previous Frame key shortcuts. I used Option+Command+F1 and Option+Command+F2 and other than it is a finger/thumb stretch, it allows you to use your thumb sideways to push both Option and Command keys at the same time. Also this combination keeps you on the left side of the keyboard and free for mouse or preferrably Wacom Tablet use while painting.

There is also a great little movie that shows a hand drawn animation in the Photoshop CS3 Samples folder called “” check it out.

Don’t forget to load all the great Video Actions that ship with PS CS3 Extended there are a bunch of new ones this time.