Worthy Upcoming Tour

A few months ago I approached the Maxon Cinema 4D folks with an idea to create a tour showing the powerful the integration between After Effects CS3 and C4D. If you use 3D software now or are interested in learning about both applications, you won’t want to miss it. It is called the ADOBE-MAXON POWER INTEGRATION TOUR.

Some great 3D artists from Maxon’s Cinema4D and I are going to tour 6 cities in July-August to show how great the integration is between After Effects and C4D. We are working hard to create a cool demo to showcase this integration. It is now posted on Maxon.net, url posted below. We will show both Adobe and Maxon software and a complete workflow solution as well. Check out Adobe’s new CS3 info and feature movies on our website and Maxon.net for a peek at what Cinema4D and BodyPaint are about.

We are thinking of making the demo files available on Maxon.net after the tour, if you think this is a good idea, let me know.